Scott’s Raw Recap 11/11/13

Two great heel factions came to blows. (Courtesy WWE)
Two great heel factions came to blows. (Courtesy WWE)

Monday Night Raw
November 11, 2013
Manchester, England

With it being Veterans Day, we knew we would get an awesome opening honoring our veterans, but it’s John Cena voicing it.  It’s still awesome.  We open with last week’s highlights when Big Show got what he wanted, then get pummeled.  We head into Manchester, where we find out that Mr. & Mrs. H is on vacation, so they won’t be here tonight.  Well I guess I don’t have to watch anymore, good night!  Just kidding.  We are joined though by the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.  Michael Cole tells us that Big Show won’t be here tonight due to last week’s beat-down.  Orton confirms Big Show is with the company again, then blackmailed his way into a title match at Survivor Series.  He talks about the beatdown and his brag that he will beat Big Show at Survivor Series.  He also confirms that due to the H’s being on vacation he is in charge of Raw tonight.  Then out comes GM Brad Maddox who reminds Orton that he is actually in charge of Raw tonight.  Then we’re joined by Kane in a much better fitting suit than he had last night.  The YOU SOLD OUT chants are loud.  Kane says The Authority made him Director of Operations and he’s in charge.  Maddox says no he isn’t and he’s making Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes to start the show.  Kane says no Orton will face Goldust.  He and Maddox argue until Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero comes out to blather.  This segment is horrendous.  She decides that Orton will face both Cody Rhodes and Goldust.  That match is next.

HANDICAP MATCH: The Rhodes Brothers vs. Randy Orton
Usually this tour takes place after WrestleMania, but they did it later this year.  Orton controls the match early as Goldust is face in peril for this one.  I will say it’s smart to have no HHH or Stephanie tonight.  They need to be off TV for a week.  I wonder if Goldust is booking he and his brother’s matches as they look very much his style.  Orton decides he’s tired of wrestling and walks off, forcing the DQ.  WINNERS: The Rhodes Brothers by countout

As Orton comes up the ramp, out comes Big Show to a big pop.  He mauls Orton around ringside.  He strips the broadcast table and moves the steps over to them.  He walks Orton up the steps and chokeslams him through the announce table to a big YES YES YES chant from the English crowd.  Show leaves and guys attend to Orton.

WrestleMania XXX tickets go on sale this Saturday.

During the commercial break, Big Show leaves to get a pint.  Can I join him?

The guys are debating who’s running the show tonight.  WE HAVE A GM!  I agree with PTBN’s Justin Rozzero.  Just ditch the entire GM gimmick.  It’s stupid.

MATCH: Los Matadores (with #midgetmantaur) & Santino Marella vs. Union Jacks
Union Jacks are pretty much 3MB dressed in Union Jack wear.  I’m so tired of writing about this match, over and over again.  This is where Drew McIntyre should turn face and leave these bums.  I’ve said that many times and I stick by it.  Santino wrestled with horns on.  Good guys win.  WINNERS: Los Matadores & Santino Marella

Backstage Randy Orton is getting worked on when both Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero apologize for what happened.  Orton says wait till next week when Triple H and Stephanie come back.  Kane comes in but Orton mouths off to him.  Kane says he’s the DOO and if Orton keeps mouthing off he’ll have more problems that just Big Show.

MATCH: Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston
One thing I like about these rare overseas Raws is that we seem to get more matches and less fluff.  That’s good because if that opening segment is any indication we’re in for a lot of between match crap tonight.  Sandow hits his new finisher, the “You’re Welcome” to win.  WINNER: Damien Sandow

Next week is “Raw Country” live from Nashville.  If there are any hillbillies I’m leaving.

Ziggler beat the champ last week.  I think Axel’s run should end here.  I always notice as well that there’s usually a title change on these overseas shows.  Dolph hits the floor hard and it looks like he hurt his shoulder.  We have a very hard-fought match between two guys and I am surprised as Axel wins clean without Paul Heyman.  That’s a win he needed but Dolph is circling the bowl. WINNER: Curtis Axel

Kane and Maddox keep arguing about who’s in charge tonight.  Both decide to make handicap matches.  Brad says the Real Americans will face John Cena, while Kane says all three Shield members will face Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

Zack Ryder is shilling the WWE Shop stuff tonight.

MATCH: Tamina Snuka vs. Nikki Bella
I feel like Nikki’s trying to push her boobs up more than Brie is.  Just an observation.  WINNER: Tamina Snuka

Brie Bella comes in to get some heat.

Oh god we have to watch people’s goofy created 2K14 characters this Friday on Smackdown.

The trainers are still working on Randy Orton when The Shield comes in.  Orton chews them out for not helping them, but the Hounds of Justice say they don’t work for anybody that’s in the building tonight, including Orton.

MATCH: Fandango vs. Tyson Kidd
Oh god now we’re watching Total Divas clips of Tyson Kidd being jealous of Natalya working with Fandango in a ring?  Don’t EVER hijack my Raw with that crap.  So Michael Cole is saying that Fandango shouldn’t be working out with Natalya because she’s married.  This entire line of conversation is utter crap.  I think I should watch this match on mute because its ruining what’s actually a good match.  Fandango won clean with a roll up.  WINNER: Fandango

HANDICAP MATCH: John Cena vs. Real Americans
Alberto Del Rio came out a couple of minutes after we start and Cena gets distracted, which leads to the heels taking over.  Real Americans look real strong in this one, but of course Cesaro doesn’t do the big spin move to Cena.  Can’t allow that to happen.  The match is back and forth with no one having a real advantage.  Of course Cena won with an STF on Swagger.  WINNER: John Cena

Cesaro tries to beat Cena down but gets cleaned out.  Del Rio, who was at the commentary table, comes in and pastes Cena with a steel chair.  He slides the chair into Cena’s arm and puts the armbar on.  Then out of nowhere Big E. Langston comes in and cleans Del Rio out.

Bad acting as Del Rio talks with Kane, Maddox and Vickie about what happened.

MATCH: Ryback vs. R-Truth
I was watching the Jeff Jarrett TNA DVD that came out a few years ago, and when he was Ron Killings in 2005 he was using a theme similar to this.  I didn’t know that.  We have a lot of mocking and posturing.  The crowd is dead for this because no one cares about either guy.  R-Truth gets the upset with a roll-up.  WINNER: R-Truth

MATCH: Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E. Langston
I remember earlier in the year when these two wrestled about 15 matches in about 6 weeks.  Except Del Rio was the face and Langston the heel.  A quick match that Del Rio wins with the armbar.  WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

They replay the Veterans Day open.

We return from break and Paul Heyman is in the ring in a wheelchair with a leg in a cast and a neck brace.  He says everyone’s hero CM Punk did this damage to him.  He actually buries Ryback for losing twice to CM Punk and he then blames the fans for what Punk did to him at Hell in a Cell.  Heyman says he will hover over Punk like the Sword of Damocles.  Suddenly out comes CM Punk to a raucous ovation.  Axel runs at him but Punk gives him the GTS.  Punk gets in the ring and throws Heyman out of the wheelchair.  He beats Heyman down with a kendo stick.  Heyman is also in a back brace.  We are joined by Punk’s partner tonight Daniel Bryan.  Another raucous ovation.  But the shitty ratings are his fault.

HANDICAP MATCH: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield
Cole said that Punk and Bryan had never teamed before, but I think they were in a six man tag the night after the 2011 Survivor Series.  As expected this is a fun match as all five studs are moving around at a brisk pace.  Why can’t they call Punk’s elbow the “Savage elbow”?  Like the “AA Spinebuster”?  Suddenly we get the crazy graphics and when the lights come on Rowan & Harper are in the ring.  Suddenly Rollins and Ambrose get in the big hillbillies’ faces.  A brawl breaks out while Reigns and Bray Wyatt are arguing.  This was awesome until Bray says to the Shield that they have a common enemy.  The Shield realize it and then both 3-man teams go after Punk and Bryan.  Then out from the back come the Usos and the Rhodes Brothers and we have a huge crazy brawl in the ring.  The heels run off and the faces stand tall as we go off the air.  WINNERS: No Contest

SCOTT’S TAKE: Overall it was a pretty bland show other than the crazy brawl at the end.  The crowd was good for the most part yet the show had dead spots.  No HHH/Stephanie was a breath of fresh air and focussing on the other major feud going on was smart.