Richer & The Mailman Episode 12 – Nihilism, Mumford and Sons, Modern Man, Being a Leo, and Jeff’s Dream

In this long overdue and now somewhat dated episode of Richer and The Mailman, Josh and Jeff discuss the pains of being modern man and how a misplaced paycheck and a poorly timed drop-in to his parent’s house ruined Jeff’s day as well as the curse and blessing that is being a Leo (as well the efficiency of eating one’s own poo). They also talk about the difference between “emo” and “goth” as well as cynicism and nihilism, and how to alienate people and win them back. Jeff compares himself to Jesus Christ while Josh passes his time waiting for the world to change by hating everything (especially Mumford & Sons).

Jeff goes on to compare murderers to lesbians and the two debate about hopeless despair of being in or arguing about politics. They talk about Libertarianism, Drugs, and Jeff proposes they do an episode on shrooms despite the two having no experience with hallucinogenic drugs. They talk Titanic, Bill Pullman/Paxton, homicidal thoughts, how bad Sons Of Anarchy is, and then Jeff talks about his SOA inspired, Inception-like dream. They then run through some headlines from weeks ago, and discuss the upcoming World Series games that already happened.

So sit back and check out what Josh and Jeff are delivering this week on this old but new episode of Richer & The Mailman!