Scott’s Impact Recap 7/11/13

Rampage Jackson completes the Main Event Mafia. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)
Rampage Jackson completes the Main Event Mafia. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling
July 11, 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada

We go back to the past few weeks with Austin Aries’ “Option C” and Chris Sabin regaining the X-Division Title and cashing in. From there we go backstage where World Champion Bully Ray is antsy. He mentions his wife Brooke. He actually talks about her being engaged in real life. He says “She moves on when I says she moves on.” We head into the arena in Sin City where Mike pumps us up (or tries to). In comes Aces & Eights led by World Champion Bully Ray and as they walk in Bully tells Taz to put Tenay in a hole in the desert. I think many would like to do that. Bully says there’s lots of business to discuss, starting with Chris Sabin. Bully says “Sabin, you should hold onto that X-Division Title and not cash it in to face me.” He then moves on to the club voting for a new Vice President. That’s club business. Next up, the Main Event Mafia. They challenged Aces & Eights to a fight next week. Bully says “Absolutely…not.” With that out came Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe and Magnus. Angle says “Next week we will kill many birds with one stone.” The MEM will take out the club and then help Sabin become champion. Angle says “Next week you will be ALL ALONE.” Sting says “Tonight the family will add another member.” Bully is pacing and nervous.

Tonight the “Joker’s Wild” tournament intersects with the Bound for Glory Series. 25 points on the line.

Back from break and X-Division champion Chris Sabin has arrived backstage.

Borash and Christie are on the stage and they will now pick the tag teams for the Joker’s Wild matches. The winners of the tag matches at the end of the night will battle for 25 BFG points. Here is our first tag team match.

BFG JOKER’S WILD MATCH: Jeff Hardy & Joseph Park vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

So this is how it works. There will be three tag team matches tonight. The six guys on the three winning teams will be in a gauntlet match at the end of the night. The winner of that match gets 25 BFG points. Taz is funny in this match, best he’s been in months. The match is pretty standard until AJ and Joe actually work together for a few moments and Joe chokes out Park to get the win. So Styles and Joe move on to the gauntlet match.

Back from break and Taryn Terrell is backstage getting ready for her #1 contenders ladder match with Gail Kim.

JB and Christie pick the next pair of guys.

BFG JOKER’S WILD MATCH: Jay Bradley & Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson & Magnus

You can tell this is edited as when they go back to the stage the music just cuts off. Big shock, the Aces & Eights guy with the Main Event Mafia guy. My bet is they win this match. I like this Bradley guy, he reminds me of the Heat’s Birdman Andersen. Kinda shaped the same too. Of course Anderson is being a dick and making Magnus do all the work while he fucks around on the floor. Bradley and Hernandez have miscommunication which leads to Magnus rolling up Hernandez for the win.

Backstage Aries and Roode are chatting and Aries is pissed that his “Option C” failed but Roode doesn’t care. Roode is 0 for 3 right here. In comes Bad Influence, who rub their nose in it that the four of them will be competing in the last tag match and BI will win. Well sure they are the last four GUYS, but the combination of teams may change.

Back from break and Gail Kim is getting ready for the ladder match.

JB and Christie (who’s looking incredible tonight) are about to pick the last two teams.

BFG JOKER’S WILD MATCH: Christopher Daniels & Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode & Kaz

Duh, like that was a shock. Best match of the three tags tonight, probably because these are four of the best in the bunch. Kaz and Aries are going but Daniels blind tags himself. Kaz is blinded and gives who he THINKS is Aries a small package for a three count but its actually Daniels. So Roode and Kaz round out the six.

Daniels and Kaz are arguing.

Backstage Bully Ray tells his guys that its time to vote for the VP.

Back from break and Hogan’s talking to Brooke. She wants to focus on the Knockouts but Hulk wants to talk Bully Ray.

Speaking of the Aces & Eights boss, he’s staying out of the VP voting process. It’s between DOC and Anderson. Anderson wins the vote 4-3 and is the new VP. DOC is pissed.

#1 CONTENDERS LADDER MATCH: Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell

Knockout Champion Mickie James is at ringside. There’s a clipboard hanging above the ring. These two actually work very well together but after their gem at Slammiversary I don’t know what anyone was going to expect. Another ladder is introduced and these girls are using it. Good for them. Taryn grabs Gail and starts choking her out and drops her but Taryn’s knee (injured earlier) hurts too much and the ladder isn’t under the clipboard. Taryn decides to hit a high cross body off the ladder onto Gail. Both are down. You’d NEVER see this in WWE, not even Kaitlyn vs. AJ. Vince doesn’t want his divas to get scars. Gail is a genius, as she tied Taryn’s hair to the ring ropes. Gail gets up the ladder and grabs the contract for the win. Two heels? Weird. Taryn worked her ass off. Another knee injury, kayfabe or not.

Backstage Angle and Sting are thrilled about Magnus and Joe doing so well in the BFG. Sting gets a call from the fifth member.

BFG GAUNTLET MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Magnus vs. Kaz vs. Bobby Roode vs. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe

So this isn’t really a gauntlet and is more like a Royal Rumble. Two guys start then a clock counts down and the next guy comes down. They toss guys over the top rope. Styles and Magnus start, followed by Kaz, then Joe. Styles eliminates Kaz with a back drop to the floor. Mr. Anderson came in during commercial followed by Bobby Roode to finish. Anderson eliminates AJ with a clothesline over the top rope. Joe eliminates Anderson and himself with a clothesline. So it’s Magnus vs. Roode. Magnus would have an insurmountable lead if he wins this. Now it’s a pinfall/submission decision. I love how Tenay calls it a “Double R spinebuster”. Blasphemy. That’s why Tenay has no respect in this business. Magnus hooks the Clover Leaf on Roode, but after a few seconds Roode gets to the ropes. Roode goes for a superplex but gets pushed off the corner, then Magnus misses an elbow. We get a series of reversals until Magnus gets the win with a pin using his feet on the ropes. Magnus gets 25 points for an official total of 49.

Back from break and out comes General Manager Hulk Hogan. He puts over Destination X next Thursday in Louisville. Time for Sabin to choose. Sabin comes out and Hogan puts him over. Sabin brings up his knees and rehab and all the same stuff we’ve heard for weeks. Get on with it! He’s about to hand the belt over when out comes Bully Ray with the rest of the club. He tells Hogan that he has unfinished business with his wife. Bully tells Sabin “You are living in a fantasy land. Do yourself a favor and don’t hand that title over.” He pretty much tells Sabin he’ll crush him if he cashes in. Sabin says “Do you remember when I retired 3D and pinned your ass to the mat?” He says “I need one chance for the little guy to beat the big guy.” Sabin hands the belt over. Bully Ray says “Fine, but remember you’re fighting my whole family.” Aces & Eights starts coming to the ring but the Main Event Mafia comes out and says Sabin and Bully Ray will fight alone. Sting announces the final member of the MEM. The heavy hitter….RAMPAGE JACKSON! He comes out complete with chain. Bully is stunned and with that we’re out.

SCOTT’S TAKE: So the MEM isn’t like the old one as two of the five aren’t former champions. Rampage got in Angle’s face when he debuted and now they stand together. Interesting. Destination X next week will be fun.