Scott’s Impact Recap 10/17/13

Dixie got so pissed off at AJ, Sunday's title match is now NO DQ.  Check the tweet. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)
Dixie got so pissed off at AJ, Sunday’s title match is now NO DQ. Check the tweet. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling
October 17, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma

We go back to last week where the road to Bound for Glory continued. We head into the arena and out comes Mrs. Silver Spoon herself, Dixie Carter. She’s escorted by security and a briefcase. She compares herself to Michaelangelo. They both make masterpieces. She says Michaelangelo didn’t have that hillbilly AJ Styles splattering paint everywhere. Once again, this promo is a disaster. Tonight, Dixie is going to evaluate. We get “WE WANT HOGAN” chants. Tonight we will have a contract signing, but she says this briefcase has $50,000 for anybody that stops AJ Styles from making it to the contract signing and someone else steps up to the plate. That will make her very happy. Hmmm, bounties. Very NWA-ish. We are now joined by the World Champion Bully Ray and his bitch Brooke. Bully says he’ll take the money and take out AJ. Haha that would be funny admittedly. Out comes Magnus, who’s facing Sting Sunday. Magnus says twelve people busted their asses in the Bound for Glory Series, and because Dixie hates the winner, greed will suddenly take over. Magnus says no wonder everyone chants DIXIE SUCKS. Magnus says $50,000 may be chump change to her but not to him or the people of Tulsa. Bully Ray gets in his face and calls him a loser and a disappointment. Magnus punches Bully Ray in the face. Bully snaps and says if Magnus wants a match tonight he’s got it.

Back from break and Bully Ray tells his Aces & Eights brothers that last week was old school and his brothers got the glory. Tonight Knux will beat Gunner and then collect $50,000. Bully says the brothers have his back and he has their backs.

FOUR CORNERS MATCH: Christopher Daniels vs. Hernandez vs. Robbie E vs. Eric Young
This is one guy from each team in the Tag Team Gauntlet match on the Bound for Glory pre-show Sunday. The winning guy in this match’s team will go last in the gauntlet. The Gauntlet winner faces Storm/Gunner on the PPV for the Tag straps. I think its great how we’re supposed to follow EY and Joseph Park’s road trip to San Diego, but he’s here in this match. So stupid. EY gives the elbow off the top rope to Daniels, but Robbie E throws Young out of the ring and steals the pin. So the Bro-mans will come in last to the gauntlet Sunday. WINNER: Robbie E

AJ Styles is backstage saying he can’t trust anybody with a bounty on his head. Jessie Godderz then jumps him but AJ beats him down. AJ says it will be a long night.

We are joined by our #1 contender for the World Title joins us in the arena. AJ says Dixie reeks of desperation by putting a bounty on his head. AJ says he’s flattered. Dixie knows AJ will win at Bound for Glory and it scares her to death. When he wins the World Title Sunday he will make Dixie pay. He tells the roster to come down at attempt to “get paid”. Out comes Knux and Bisch from Aces & Eights. They start beating AJ down, until we’re joined by my boys the World Tag Team champions. Storm & Gunner as they chase Aces & Eights out of the ring. Storm gets in AJ’s face but he walks away.

MATCH: Gunner vs. Knux
I’m surprised Bisch & Knux aren’t in the tag Gauntlet instead of those Bro-Mans clowns. It’s a basic power match with two big hosses. Knux is in control and he calls out Bully Ray to help but the champ never shows and Gunner rolls up Knux for the win. That was predictable. WINNER: Gunner

Back from break and the nomads are pissed that their champ never showed up. He says when Bully needs their help it will get “real damn interesting”.

Backstage Gail Kim asks Brooke to work together if Lei’I Tapa attacks. Brooke pretty much tells Gail to pound sand.

We get a vignette for the Ultimate X match Sunday.

Chris Sabin is skulking around backstage looking for AJ Styles to cash the bounty in when he runs into Samoa Joe. Joe says Sabin not only faces him tonight but there’s Ultimate X Sunday. Then if he survives he can try for some bounty.

MATCH: Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe
This is the Joe I’ve wanted to see since I started watching. Just a vicious striking machine. Joe beats the shit out of Sabin for awhile until Sabin bolts and hides behind Velvet. Sabin hits a DDT on the ramp but Joe just misses getting counted out. Eventually Joe chokes out Sabin for the win. WINNER: Samoa Joe

Austin Aries, then Jeff Hardy come in to attack Joe and each other. Manik comes in to splash on a few guys off a ladder Hardy set up. This is the 5-star match they are hoping for.

Backstage Bad Influence is attacking AJ Styles but he fights back and then hits them with a fire extinguisher before vanishing.

We get another Ethan Carter III vignette. He’ll be in San Diego Sunday.

MATCH: Magnus vs. Bully Ray
I’m glad they’re at least putting some legit matches on this week’s show. Bully’s dominating the action early on. He misses an elbow drop and Magnus trying to get back into it. I think Magnus can be the future of this company, if this company survives. Bully Ray was about to crush Magnus with a chain when Sting came out to help. Some misdirection as the referee is distracted, so Bully Ray low blows Magnus and gets the win. More dissension with Main Event Mafia members. WINNER: Bully Ray

Sting and Magnus have some words. Sting extends his hand apologizing and Magnus half shakes it.

Back from break and Magnus and Sting continue to argue about what happened. Samoa Joe cools things down.

We get the card breakdown for Sunday, then are joined by this year’s TNA Hall of Fame inductee Kurt Angle. Angle says it’s great to be back, but its all business right now. He says Bobby Roode is one of the most talented wrestler he’s seen, like Angle himself five years ago. However Roode tried to rain on his parade, and it became personal. Angle says you don’t mess with a man’s legacy. He says Roode will never be Kurt Angle. With that out comes “The It Factor:” Bobby Roode says he doesn’t want to be Kurt Angle, at least not today. He wanted to be Kurt Angle ten years ago, but certainly not now. Roode recalls Bound for Glory 2011, when Angle beat Roode. Roode says he needed that loss that night because it woke him up. Angle says it will be tough to win when you’re tapping out. Roode sucker punches Angle and attacks him but Angle recovers and puts the Ankle Lock on. Bad Influence comes out and attacks Angle and throws him into the steel post. Roode puts Angle in the Crossface.

Back from break, and JB is in the ring with Dixie and those Atlas Security clowns with the briefcase. Out comes World Champion Bully Ray. Then out comes #1 contender AJ Styles. Bully signs the contract and says to AJ that he can’t beat Bully. Bully says AJ doesn’t have the brains or the passion. Bully returns to 1985 when Ric Flair took out Dusty Rhodes in the cage and how Dusty was put on hard times. Bully says he has run professional wrestling through hard times in the past 18 months. From Jeff Hardy to Sting to Chris Sabin, to now. Everyone not with him will suffer “hard times”. This was a great promo. AJ says Bully is no Ric Flair. AJ calls Bully a big dumb bitch. AJ says he got everything to lose and everything to gain. He says that Bully is the most dangerous person in this business. Now Bully says he’s cashing in the money. Bully throws the pulpit and goes after AJ. AJ ducks a clothesline and smacks Bully with the briefcase. He opens the briefcase and throws the money at Dixie. AJ and Bully jawjack at each other as we go off the air. Great ending segment that really adds a lot to the match Sunday.

SCOTT’S TAKE: This was actually a pretty good go home show to Bound for Glory. The main event is dripping with tension now, as AJ pretty much put over the fact that without a contract he has to win to keep his job.  With the match now no DQ (thanks to a late Dixie tweet) this match will now be fun.  I actually like this card and hope it delivers.