Scott’s Impact Recap 10/11/13

Kurt Angle returns at Bound for Glory to be honored and to fight. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)
Kurt Angle returns at Bound for Glory to be honored and to fight. (Courtesy TNA Wrestling)

Impact Wrestling
October 10, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma

We go back to last week, where we finally get some matches added to Bound for Glory in ten days. Hulk Hogan is no longer GM. What happens with this show? We begin with the wanna-be MILF – Dixie McMahon, head of TNA. She immediately starts ripping into Hulk Hogan as being self-absorbed. She says this “nameless person” did nothing for her. She said “Stephanie Levesque”. Haha that’s funny. She goes back to ripping AJ Styles about running in for last week’s main event. Tonight Dixie says she wants order tonight, so AJ is invited into the building and she’s giving Bully Ray, the TNA Champion carte blanche tonight to put AJ Styles in any match he picks. That brings out Sting, the head of Main Event Mafia. He wants to know what’s going on. Dixie starts babbling about how Sting had no right to book matches like he did last week and blah blah blah. She’s hideous. Tonight Sting and Magnus will face EGO in a tag team match. If either of them gets pinned, their match against each other at BFG will be cancelled and Sting’s future in TNA will be in jeopardy. You know Sting, there is a slot next April in New Orleans if you want it. With ten days until their biggest PPV of the year, starting this new storyline with Dixie was the absolute worst thing to do. TNA peaked in early summer, but they have dropped big time.

Austin Aries is backstage and he rips Jeff Hardy for wanting the spotlight to himself, which is why his BFG match with Hardy, Manik and Sabin will be Ultimate X. Aries says Hardy needs gimmicks and garbage for a reputation. Tonight he crushes that repuation.

Back from break and AJ Styles has arrived. He says he never backed down from a fight. He says Dixie Carter wants power and leverage. After he wins the title at BFG, AJ says he’ll have both.

MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries
This is what Impact has been like the past few months. After a truly dreadful opening promo, we get a pretty damn good matchup. The pace is breakneck as both guys are going all over the place. Sadly if Austin Aries ever left he’d be badly abused in WWE. Sure we’d love to see him wrestle Bryan and Punk, but that I think would never happen. Aries is abusing Hardy all match long, and he hits a missile drop kick that almost ends the match. He misses a charge in the corner and both men are spent. This has been a great match. Hardy’s Whisper in the Wind has been worse and worse over the years. Aries hits a brain buster off the ropes for the three count. That was an incredible match with a fabulous ending. WINNER: Austin Aries

After the match out comes Samoa Joe. He says Aries put himself in a title match at BFG and Jeff Hardy made it Ultimate X. Well Samoa Joe has decided to add himself to the X-Division title match in ten days. Five of the best in a single crazy match.

The Bro-manz are yapping about nothing in particular.

Back from break and JB is with Joseph Park and EY are driving from Tulsa to San Diego. Maybe they’ll be smart and stop in Vegas.

The Bromans are in the ring. Jesse Godderz talks about ODB. She comes out with Eric Young.

MATCH: Jesse Godderz vs. ODB
Cheap fill. We get a lot of cheap tricks and heads into cleavage cracks. She’s in control until Lei’d Tapa comes out. She’s acting like Awesome Kong, only slightly prettier. She comes in and attacks ODB to end the match. WINNER: ODB by disqualification

Tapa beats ODB down and boots her in the face. She is being built very well. She lost the Gut Check match, still was picked. Now she’s learning the ropes on how to be built as a monster.

Back from break, where Bully Ray and his few Aces & Eights guys are still arguing. Bully blames Ken Anderson for everything. He’s putting Knux and Garrett Bischoff against AJ Styles tonight.

Sting and Magnus are chatting about their match at BFG and how important it is for both of them.

EGO is preparing for their HOF induction tonight.

Kazarian and Daniels come out dressed like Dumb and Dumber. Pretty funny. Daniels says its throwback Thursday. Kaz made me laugh out loud when he said their EGO Hall of Fame is the only legit one since MLB hasn’t inducted Jose Canseco. They bring out their first inductee Bobby Roode. Kaz says he made something special for Roode. So they make a hilarious self-aggrandizing piece dubbing Roode’s name over comments wrestlers make about other people. So great. This segment is bailing out that terrible opening promo. Roode comes up to the podium and totally puts himself over and shits on Kurt Angle, who’s being inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame on BFG weekend. He keeps running Angle down until the Olympic Hero comes out to a raucous ovation. He gives EGO German suplexes and then chases Roode out of the ring. Angles challenges Roode to a match at BFG. I’m looking forward to that match.

Roode is pissed and he accepts Angle’s challenge for next Sunday.

KNOCKOUTS #1 CONTENDER MATCH: Velvet Sky vs. Brooke Tessmacher
Velvet’s ribs are taped from the Lei’d Tapa attack last week. Sabin covers Velvet up whenever she shows her stuff. God Velvet dump the bum. He’s a mid-card flunky. The winner of this match faces ODB and Gail Kim for the title next Sunday. Sabin is yapping with Velvet and it backfires as Brooke rolls her up for the win. WINNER: Brooke T

Needed another heel in there? Well it furthers the “Sabin is a slob loser” storyline.

Back from break and some dude in a Maserati pulls up. It’s Ethan Carter III. Who the hell? Oh, it’s the former Derrick Bateman from NXT. At least he found a job.

MATCH: Bad Influence vs. Magnus & Sting
The match is really good and Magnus & Sting take turns beating BI down. Sting pins Kaz to win the match and keep their match at BFG going. WINNER: Sting & Mangus

After the match Magnus is pissed about something.

AJ heads to the ring for his match, but Dixie cuts him off and gives him a check. Just retire and leave TNA and all that money is his. AJ rips the check up.

MATCH: Knux & Garrett Bischoff vs. AJ Styles
Bully Ray and Brooke come out with Aces & Eights. Bully throws Tenay out of his seat and he does commentary with Taz. It’s a handicap mugging. AJ fights back every once in a while. He makes a final comeback and pins Bischoff for the win. WINNER: AJ Styles

Bully Ray comes in with a chain and starts whipping AJ with it while Knux and Bichoff watch. Bully back drops AJ onto the metal ramp. Bully jaws in AJ’s face as we go off the air.

SCOTT’S TAKE: This show was all over the place. The Hardy/Aries match and the Roode/Angle stuff were the highlights. Bound for Glory needs to happen so this show can reboot.

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