Ryan’s Main Event Recap 4/29/14


WWE Main Event

April 29th, 2014
Announcers: Tom Philips & Byron Saxton

*Announced Main Event main event is Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt which sounds like quite the HOSS showdown. We start the show with the music of Goldust, with Cody’s music awkwardly in the background. This is not a good mash-up.

*Goldust w/Cody Rhodes vs. Alberto del Rio

Goldust starts in control in the corner, but del Rio turns the tide. Del Rio hits a backstabber for two. Philips and Saxton make me sad by mentioning the Battle Ground match and how hot the Rhodes Brothers were and then I remember they aren’t even on the Special this Sunday. Del Rio controls and goes for the seated superkick, but Goldust counters to a powerslam. Goldust then hits the Final Cut and gets the win. Cody celebrates with Goldust after the win, to seemingly put aside any dissension. Kind of surprised this was so quick, but very solid while it went. Afterwards Renee, or Nene as Goldust calls her. She asks if the Rhdoes are starting to go single, but Goldust says they are together. Renee asks Cody and he gets defensive about how he couldn’t defeat del Rio on Monday and how that makes Goldust better than him. Cody shakes it off and says the Brotherhood is strong. Hmm. 1 for 1

*John Cena meets a lot of kids who are dying and has now granted his 400th wish. His character might be pretty bad, especially when it comes to photoshopping, but Cena the man seems pretty awesome.

*Paige vs. Alicia Fox

This is non-title, I think, does it matter? Both fight to the outside to start and Paige hits a hurricarana off the apron. Back in and Alicia takes control. Paige gets Alicia in the corner and some elbows, but Alicia hits a straight boot out of the corner. Alicia goes for a roll up out of the corner, but Paige hits a seated kick, then whips Alicia by the hair. Alicia goes for a suplex, but Paige reverses it to a stiff cradle DDT. I mean she spiked her into the ring. As Paige walks up the ramp Tamina comes out and stares her down. I’d really love to see Paige just squash her in under a minute at Extreme Rules, because despite the fact that she is Snuka’s daughter and she’s big, she kinda sucks. Good showcase for Paige which is what she continues to need. 2 for 2

*Recap of the concert by the Bray Wyatt Children’s Choir from Raw. Sheamus talks about all the monsters from Ireland and how he’s not afraid of monsters or the Wyatts.

*BAD NEWS BARRETT vs. Kofi Kingston

God save our Queen. Barrett is afraid he has some bad news. Barrett points out that Big E is like a piece of dry toast and that he will become Intercontinental title. Kofi gets some kicks to start, but Bad News hits a kick himself to take control. Barrett tries to get a clap-along going. Kofi gets some more kicks and then hits a cross-body for two. Barrett hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Barrett takes down the elbow pad, but Kofi rolls him up for two. Barrett rolls outside and Kofi follows. Barrett throws Kofi into the steps, but Kofi jumps over them and then tries leaping onto Barrett, but he catches Kofi with the BULLHAMMER. Barrett rolls Kofi in and gets the win. Another quick squash, but it’s got Bad News so it gets an automatic point. 3 for 3

*BO-LIEVE followed by a recap of a demon trying to pull the wife of his opponent into Hell, which is apparently right below WWE rings.

*Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt has a sing-along before the match, but without the children choir it’s not quite the same. And Sheamus interrupts it anyway. Well, that’s just rude. I’m sure Bray would’ve allowed Sheamus to sing a nice Irish folk song. There’s about fifteen minutes left to go. Feeling out process to start. Sheamus hits a shoulderblock and then a knee drop. Sheamus goes for the CLUBBERING BLOWS, but the Wyatts pull him off and Bray regroups on the floor as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back with Bray in control. Bray knocks Sheamus outside the ring and follows him out, but Sheamus runs through him with a forearm, but gets distracted by Harper. Wyatt hits a DDT on the apron for two. Wyatt adds a senton and asks the crowd if this is your warrior? Bray punch and kicks away at Sheamus. Bray works a chinlock, but Sheamus pounds his way out, but Bray hits a slam. Another senton, this time hits the knees. Both guys just pound away on each other, with Sheamus eventually hitting his running forearms to take control and then hits a running jumping knee to the corner. Sheamus goes up top, but Bray ducks, and Sheamus rolls through and goes for a slam on Bray, but Bray escapes and hits the urnagi for two. Bray goes into Spider Mode, but Sheamus counters the Sister Abigail into the White Noise for a very close two. Sheamus gets thrown to the apron, but snatches Bray and hits the CLUBBERING BLOWS and follows with a shoulder-block for two. Bray hits his running jumping forearm for two. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick but gets the Irish Curse for two. Sheamus ramps up for the Brogue kick, but Rowan distracts Sheamus and Sheamus hits a powerslam on Wyatt for two. Sheamus knocks Rowan off the apron and goes for the Brogue Kick on Harper on the opposite apron, but he ducks and Sheamus gets his leg caught in the ropes. Bray hits the Sister Abigail on Sheamus for the win. After the match Rowan and Harper come into continue the beatdown, but the Usos run out to fend off the Wyatts. Great, great match and if they do this exact match between Cena and Wyatt on Sunday, while adding in a few cage spots, I would be fine with that. 4 for 4

Final Thoughts: Really good show, although the first three matches were merely good, while the Sheamus/Wyatt match is awesome and should be watched. Go and do that. Watch it instead of the pre-show for Extreme Rules.