Richer & The Mailman Episode 11 – Columbus Day, Binge Drinking, Animal Rights, Supporting The Team, and More!

On this week’s episode of Richer and The Mailman: Josh and Jeff explore the code of “War And Peace,” not returning borrowed items out of spite, Columbus Day weekend, Party Busses and Pub crawls, as well as the possibilities of Zombie epidemics (it’s pretty slim but not out of the question).

Then they talk about animal rights and that despite agreeing in principle, they can’t stop feasting on dead flesh. Josh tells a story about the time he was forced to fight a bat, Jeff gets educated about vegan straight edge hardcore and they discuss two of Josh’s major conversions in life.

Finally they bask in the glow of New England sports’ big Comeback Weekend and we learn that cunniglingus may have played a part in David Ortiz’s grand slam.

So sit back and see what Josh and Jeff are delivering this week on Richer and The Mailman!


Intro and Outro music by Dungeonesse