Nintendo-Refurbished 3DS Price Drop: $110

Since the release of Pokémon X/Y last Saturday, there have been two major events in the world of handheld gaming. One of them is that a large portion of gamers have dropped off the face of the earth as they fall into the latest monster-training rabbit hole, and the other is that we’ve all been deafened by the collective anguished shrieks of Pokémon fans that lack a 3DS.

You can’t catch ’em all if you don’t catch a 3DS first.

Well, banshees, scream no more! For a limited time, Nintendo has lowered the price on their refurbished 3DS stock to a mere $109.99, so long as you want blue or purple. If midnight blue is more your taste, you can even get a DSi XL for even less. These are used 3DSes that have been personally inspected, tested, repaired (if necessary), and warrantied by Nintendo themselves. The consoles may have a few nicks and bumps here and there, but Nintendo guarantees they’ll work. It’s just like getting one new, except it’s not new at all. But it’s a lot cheaper. Just think of it as replacing the new car smell with the scent of fresh cash.

As noted, these are temporary price reductions, and there’s no indication on the website just how temporary it’ll be. If you need a cheap way to get your hands on Pokémon X/Y, now may be your chance!