Richer & The Mailman 15: Cars, Death, Humor, Irony, and Richurrences.

On this very special mobile edition of Richer and The Mailman, Josh and Andy Flanagan roam the highways while they quite appropriately discuss the dangers of automobiles, particularly in the wake of Paul Walker’s death. They reflect on the tragic loss of life (as all deaths are), and the undeniably dark humor that one can’t ignore.

After touching upon the Twitter reaction, as well as whether or not the situation qualifies as irony, they talk about coincidences and Josh explains the concept of “Richurrences,” which are pretty eerie coincidences that Andy remained skeptical of.  They end the show with the Bad Rap Song Of The Week…..a pretty darn crappy B.O.B song.

So sit back and check out what Josh and Andy are delivering this week on the travel edition of Richer and The Mailman (or Male Man?).