PTBN Sports Lounge #31 – DeflateGate, NBA Playoffs & Bill Simmons!


The latest edition of the Sports Lounge is live! Cowboy┬áis joined by JT Rozzero and they have the most level headed and enjoyable DeflateGate discussion in recorded history! The discuss the Wells Report, the fallout from the announced punishment, the Patriots’ next steps and much more.

After a break, the boys break down the NBA Playoffs and hand out their predictions for the Conference Finals and NBA Finals. They also discuss the legacy of LeBron, the mythology of Paul Pierce and social media’s issues with the Hawks.

They then wrap up with a look a Bill Simmons’ future after leaving ESPN. Where will the Sports Guy end up next and will he be as successful? The boys break it down.

So, grab a drink and a have a seat as you join Cowboy and JT inside the Sports Lounge!