PTBN Sports Lounge #30 – Wells Report, Mayweather/Pacquiao and MLB!


The latest edition of the Sports Lounge is live! Cowboy and his band of merry men have not been in the Lounge in a month and boy were they chomping at the bit to get back. In segment one Cowboy and the always unbiased Cowboy Sr. discuss the hot topic of the day… the Wells Report. Your favorite father/son combo take part in a heated discussion around the report and what the ramifications will be. They follow that up with an in depth look at Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and even throw in some classic boxing talk for good measure. After the jump, they are joined by the always volatile MLB expert Keith Schmidt for a look at the highs and lows of the first 25 games of the young MLB season. As always, grab yourself a drink and light a cigar. There’s plenty of room on the sofa in the PTBN Sports Lounge!