Off the Top Rope Episode 32: Survivor Series 1998


In this episode, we talk about Mike’s experience with the ROH show in Minnesota last weekend, before getting into Raw, Los Matadores, the emasculation of Daniel Bryan, Impact, and an upcoming supplemental episode that will be a modern take on the amazing Fantasy Draft concept Where the Big Boys Play did recently.

After the break, it’s lots of sodomy jokes about the Big Bossman’s Nightstick as we talk Survivor Series 1998: Deadly Game. Too many matches, weapons shots in 3 minute matches, and all kinds of Vince Russo insanity, as well as the question of if a great storyline coming out if can cover up for some pretty shit wrestling.

We then name MVP and LVP and reveal which show we’re talking next week, as we go deeper into the Invasion with SummerSlam 2001!