McGinn’s WWE Superstars Recap – 11/21/13

I’ve waited all month for this! We’ve finally reached the “Go Home” edition of WWE Superstars as we draw closer to WWE’s Fall Classic otherwise known as the Survivor Series. For those new to the wrestling lingo we frequently use in these recaps, go home in this case simply means it’s the last televised show before a supercard or a pay-per-view. Not often does one pay much attention to a go home show on WWE Superstars but the PTBN guys are paying me a great deal of compliments and you never know what kind of random nuggets we’ll discover together. Did anyone see that Kofi/Santino bout coming a few weeks ago? Didn’t think so! Survivor Series weekend begins now people. Let’s head down to ringside!

Your announcers tonight are the returning Tom Phillips and the always terrific Alex Riley.


Out of the blocks and we are in for a treat! Tyson Kidd looked to be in position to make a move teaming up with Justin Gabriel before a nearly career-ending knee injury sidelined him for nine months. He’s back and might be experiencing a slight boost in TV time because of his appearances alongside his wife Natalia on Total Divas. While I don’t watch the show, I do know from ads that these two may have had some choice words for each other outside the ring because it appears as though Fandango may have been putting the moves on Nattie in a recent episode. Draaaaamaa! The always on the ball Riley is quick to point out this brewing rivalry. Meanwhile, Summer Rae is looking hot as usual. I never would’ve guessed that she would be the only one in this match currently booked for Survivor Series.

Riley props up Kidd early by comparing him to RVD because “you never know when you’re going to get kicked in the face.” Outstanding! Put him on Raw already! His momentum was short-lived however as he failed in his top rope hurricanrana attempt landing hard on his previously injured legs and Fandango capitalized with his flying leg drop for the 1,2,3! WINNER: FANDANGO

This match was too short perhaps to protect Kidd in the early stages of his recovery. I easily could go for longer matches over all the Raw flashbacks but I suspect that better days lie ahead for both these guys.

If you missed Raw, the Authority returned from vacation and after getting an earful from Randy Orton, out came Raw GM Brad Maddox and Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero. Both were going to be punished for their actions on the previous Raw with all those handicap matches and such. Not to be Scott’s echo here but Maddox took the worst beating of his life and Heaven only knows when he’ll be back in the picture. I mean this was a Zeus from “No Holds Barred” like beat down capped off by repeated microphone shots which you know are brutal.

During the break, we see an ad for Michael Strahan’s guest host appearance for next week’s Raw. I couldn’t be more excited! In fact, as soon as I’m done writing this, I’m going to go out and celebrate by playing in oncoming traffic!

Next up, more Raw footage hyping up the WWE Championship match this Sunday. This time it’s the back half of the tussle between Big Show and Ryback. I’m a little sad watching this because Ryback has been so poorly used this year it’s astounding. This guy was a lovable giant who nearly won the Royal Rumble in January. People forget how crazy over he was when he shell shocked Mark Henry at WrestleMania and then the next thing you know, he’s a tepid heel in a winless program with John Cena. His business with Paul Heyman was brief and now they are teasing a possible face turn. What is he all of a sudden, the Big Show? And what is he going to do at Survivor Series? The same thing I’ll be doing… watching! In other news, Show kicks out of the shell shock, knocks out the big guy, spears Orton and will no doubt look up at the lights this Sunday.


Without even asking I already know that my mom is marking out at her first site of El Torito. What’s not to like about a man in a bull suit? What an awesome gimmick! If they aren’t somehow thrown into a lower card traditional elimination tag match this Sunday, I’ll riot.

On a side note, since I’m an expert after only four recaps, if they asked me to book a WWE Superstars themed Survivor Series match, it would feature Los Matadores teaming up with Kidd, Gabriel and Zack Ryder as captain taking on Camacho, Hunico and the 3MB. If that were to happen, my head will explode! I’d be more pumped for that one match than I will be for Show vs. Orton and you can quote me on that.

These guys brought a fun lucha libre style to the program and it showed throughout that they have great chemistry together. I’ve missed Hunico in particular. He apparently suffered a similar injury to Tyson Kidd which kept him off TV for over a year. As you would expect, lots of high flying maneuvers and head-scissors in this one with the climax coming when El Torito nailed a perfect hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle that electrified the crowd and ended any threat Hunico might have offered. The good guys then gave Camacho a siesta following their finisher and that’s all she wrote! WINNERS: LOS MATADORES

Matchups like this will make Superstars appointment television despite the lack of storyline implications. This was a fun little gem to help end your week!

The show comes to a close with a clip from Monday’s main event which many, including your humble correspondent, believe should have been on the actual Survivor Series card. The 12-man tag was crazy and a throwback to the late 80’s. It was a pandemonium and everyone hit their spots including a sick Hart Attack by Punk and Bryan. Whatever they decide to do with those two is going to be gold. We also see the return of Rey Mysterio who will add more depth to the face side of things much like RVD did at Money in the Bank and Jericho did at Royal Rumble before that. A tremendous way for Raw to go home on and one can only hope that momentum is carried into the PPV.

Two good matches that easily could’ve gone longer but we’ll take what we can get on this program. It’s all over but the shouting. It’s Survivor Series time!

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