Last Week in Place to Be Nation

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It has been a huge first week at Place to Be Nation. With new material every day you may have missed something along the way.  Here’s a recap of what happened last week at the only Place to Be in your Pop Culture World.


Andrew Riche set the stage for game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, going back to a fateful night in 1998 to talk about a past NBA game 7 and a very important WWF pay-per-view.

The NBA Finals tipped off on Thursday and Andrew broke down the match-up and talked about what was at stake for each team.

Return of the Hack, a regular column by Justin Rozzero, covered injury returns for the Yankees and John Farrell’s impact on the Red Sox.


The Place to Be Nation Staff shared their memories after nine seasons of The Office.  Relive your favorite and least favorite characters and story lines over this two-part feature: Part One and Part Two.


Chad Campbell live blogged the Chikara pay-per-view and reviewed Daniel Bryan’s ascension in the WWE.

Michael Waldrop debuted his Scouting Report column by taking a look at Randy Savage from 1987-1988.

Jeremy Nichols gave the Place to Be Nation his instant reaction to TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view right after the show ended on Sunday night.

Marc Clair asked the question: What kind of person watches wrestling?

We cover every weekly show – Raw, Main Event, Smackdown, NXT, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.


Callum Leslie discussed the current UFC Ranking system and also launched the brand-new GrappleTalk podcast.


Scott Criscuolo and Justin Rozzero christened the Place to Be Nation with a welcome message and a life-changing experience.

Jen Engle and Justin Rozzero reminisced about America Online in the regular column, We Miss the ’90s.


Todd Weber has issues, and he’s here to regularly share them with the Place to Be Nation.


Scott Criscuolo kicks off his run through every James Bond movie with Dr. No.


Jeremy Nichols asks if Nintendo has already lost this generation’s console race?


Listen to all your favorite podcasts right here at Place to Be Nation. This past week featured new episodes from the Place to Be Podcast, Off the Top Rope and We Found New Music.