From the Vault: Where the Big Boys Play #1 & #2: Starrcade 1983

Place to Be Nation Wrestling is digging into the vault and reposting the full archive of the legendary Where the Big Boys Play Podcast! If you haven’t heard it before, check it out and if you listened in the past, it’s a good time to revisit the greatness!

After some brief self-introductions detailing their history as wrestling fans, Chad and Parv take a look at the first four matches of the so-called “Grandaddy of them all”, Starrcade 83. Highlights include: being a wrestling fan in the UK, discussion of late-70s dancing babyfaces, lame finishes, assessing Gordon Solie in general, the difference between Carolinas Flair and Minnesota Flair, and Dusty’s mic trouble, extended evaluation of the Great Kabuki’s claw hold, Japanese wrestlers dogging it in the US, more assessment of Solie, picks for MVP, match of the night and worst performance, and we ask “does Harley Race really care?”

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