Between the Sheets #68: November 2-8, 1991


Kris & David are guestless this week discussing the week that was November 2-8, 1991. We discuss J.J. Dillon possibly returning to manage Ric Flair in the WWF, Bret Hart having a shocking meeting with The Mountie, Bob Backlund being a big draw for UWFi, the death of Gran Davis, lots of news about GWF and their financial issues, and WCW wackiness abound as usual. This is a very fun show so check it out!!!



0:00:00 WWF

0:44:18 Japan (NJPW, SWS, FMW, Universal, W*ING, PWFG, UWFI, & JWP) & Europe (ASW)

1:17;24 The Amazon Game

1:38:46 Mexico: EMLL & UWA

1:56:17 Other USA: USWA, ICWA, GWF, Portland, & Potpourri

2:40:00 WCW


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