Between the Sheets #14: October 20-26, 1990 with Chad Campbell


Kris & David are joined by Chad Campbell (Where the Big Boys Play) to discuss the week that was October 20-26, 1990. We talk about some shakeups in the WWF both in and out of the ring, we discuss the return of Tatsumi Fujinami from a years absence, the debut of M.C. Jammer, Jerry Lawler’s hatred of beer, Jim Cornette and more legal issues, plus a special brief history of the Atlanta, Georgia Strip Club Culture!!!!!!!

0:00:00 WWF
0:54:28 Japan: NJPW & UWF
1:23:33 Mexico: CMLL, UWA, & Fray Tormenta news, Potpourri w/ “Kongi Sports”
1:52:49 Rest of the USA: USWA, World Class, & WCW

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