Between the Sheets #104: July 5-11, 1986

Kris & David are guestless this week celebrating our 2nd Anniversary of BTS and discussing the week that was July 5-11, 1986. We talk about Roddy Piper & Jesse Ventura possibly retiring as well as Slick & Dick Slater making their WWF debuts, Giant Baba still recognizing Stan Hansen as AWA Champ even after he quit AWA, all of the territories including Brad Armstrong & Steve Williams getting injured to go on Japanese tours, Fire & Flame attacking fans, and JCP bringing in much needed new talent. A very fun show as always so check it out!!!


0:00:00 WWF

0:54:56 Int’l: AJPW, NJPW, & Stampede

1:16:14 Classic Commercial Break

1:19:48 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game

1:56:15 USA East: CWF, CCW, CWA, & UWF

2:44:16 USA West: WCCW, TASW, Central States, AWA, WWA, Portland, & PolyPro

3:20:10 Jim Crockett Promotions

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