22 Weeks Podcast – Week 9


This episode of 22 weeks is presented by Blue Marble Research!

This week the panel of pigskin prognostication returns with three huge topics! First, Tom Garrett breaks down how the Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys in overtime: was it black magic or just good play by Colt McCoy? Most of us suspect Black Magic. The boys also talk the “grease fire” of the Jets, as well as Jerry Jones losing what’s left of his mind.

We are also joined by Coach TJ Troup, the author of The Birth of Football’s Modern 4-3 Defense: The Seven Seasons That Changed the NFL. Matt and Coach TJ talk about the book as well as great moments from the 1950’s era of football, and whether there’s a place for the old footage of the game in modern media. All of this including “who you got,” the battle of who could care less, and much more!

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This week’s intro music is by The Mountain Goats: Fall of the Star High School Running Back