The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 2/19/2014

Taped from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton & Tensai

The Ascension v. Casey Marion & Mike Leboska

They really need to figure out something to do with these guys or just move them up to the main roster and be done with it.  Usual destruction, ending with the Fall of Man at 1:30. 

Emma v. Summer Rae

Emma works an armbar and blocks a sunset flip for two, but Summer puts her on the floor for some CATTY ABUSE from the BFFs.  Back in, Summer works on the neck and gets two, and Emma misses a dropkick as this is pretty boring.  And we take a break.  Back with Summer holding the full nelson for a couple of near-falls and she goes to a chinlock.  Emma comes back with the Dilemma , but Summer fights off the EmmaLock and rolls her up for two.  The heels collide and Emma finishes with the EmmaLock at 9:00.  Really, really dull as this storyline continues on the treadmill.  *1/2

Meanwhile, Tyler Breeze is HORRIFIED that an uggo like Adrian Neville might be the Face of NXT.  He does raise a valid point about Neville being ugly.   

Meanwhile, Renee Young has a sitdown with Cesaro and Sami Zayn about their impending 2/3 falls match.  Cesaro keeps cutting him off until Sami finally stands up for himself and chases him off.  This week’s episode is like all filler, no killer.  We’ve already had two commercials for the Elimination Chamber in addition to the Hulu ones. 

Adrian Neville v. Tyler Breeze

Breeze stomps him down in the corner, but evades some GYMKATA and hits a dropkick to take control.  And stops for a selfie, because there’s always time for a selfie.  Neville comes back with a huge faceplant for two and throws some kicks.  Tyler tries a comeback, but splats on the floor and we take a break.  Back with Neville hitting a kind of Styles Clash for two, but he walks into a Breeze superkick after a comedy spot.  Beauty Shot misses and Neville puts him down with an enzuigiri, and the Red Arrow finishes at 10:15.  **  Bo Dallas comes out for a confrontation and they have a showdown laden with non-chemistry until Neville offers a free shot, and Bo walks away.  Well that was thrilling.

Probably the worst episode in a long time, filled with talking and commercials for the Elimination Chamber.  Clearly this is a show with EVERYTHING on hold until the live special and that makes for some boring TV. 

Next week:  Nothing announced.  Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s still going to be on Hulu or the Network or if I’ll be able to watch the Network or what’s gonna happen.  We’ll know for sure Tuesday at 9AM, I guess.