Ryan’s Main Event Review 1/29/14


WWE Main Event
December January 29, 2014
Announcers: Tom Phillips & Alex Riley

*Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth

The amount of R-Truth matches I’ve seen since watching Main Event as really gone up. Riley notes we are on the road to WrestleMania and who wouldn’t want to be here? C.M. Punk for starters. Back and forth to start and R-Truth leverages del Rio to the floor and then hits a plancha onto Alberto. R-Truth keeps up the offense with some shots to the gut in the corner. Del Rio reverses a corner charge and hits a his running enziguri in the corner. Del Rio takes control as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and del Rio has R-Truth in a tree of woe and tries a charge, but Truth sits up and del Rio runs shoulder first into the post. R-Truth hits a missile dropkick and then a front suplex for two. Del Rio with the backstabber for two. Del Rio hits a kick to the head, points to the sign and goes for the armbar, but Truth pushes off and hits the scissor-kick for two. Truth sets up del Rio for a superplex, but del Rio pushes him back and Truth is caught in the ropes and del Rio hits a double stomp off the top and gets the pin. It’s quite the coincidence that he’s been able to hit that move two matches in a row. This was the definition of a paint-by-numbers match and much better del Rio-R-Truth matches. 0 for 1

*Another Total Divas (Bellas and Natalya) versus Other Divas (Alicia, Tamina & Aksana) segment in the back and it ends with Natalya calling Tamina, sir and it takes her 10 seconds to realize it.

*Natalya vs. Tamina

AJ does guest commentary to make this match bearable. Tamina dominates Natalya to start. AJ is awesome on commentary and should do every divas match. Talking about Natalya she says “Oh yeah it’s always hard for tall curvy blondes to get a break in our society.” Three minutes in it’s been nothing but Tamina in control, when Natalya rolls up Tamina for the win. After the match AJ attacks Natalya and rolls her into a superkick from Tamina. AJ continues the beatdown but the Funkadactyls come out for the save and double team Tamina, while AJ watches from the ramp. 1 for 2, for AJ’s commentary.

*Triple H interview talks about Brock attacking Cody and Goldust and he announces it will be Outlaws against Cody and Goldust for the tag belts in a steel cage on Raw. We then get the Raw rebound looking at the Bryan/Cena/Sheamus-Shield match with the faces getting the win, due to Wyatt interference and going to the Elimination Chamber.

*Big E. Langston & Usos vs. 3MB

Heath Slater points to the WrestleMania sign. Heath starts with Jey. Back and forth action with a lot of frequent tags. Big E dominates Jinder with a triple backbreaker before Jimmy comes in and works the arm. Jinder tags out to Drew and in comes Big E again and he totally overpowers McIntyre and hits a running body splash, knocking McIntyre to the floor. Heath and Jinder come in and get thrown out by the Usos. The Usos and Big E run to the ropes and Big E spears McIntyre off the apron, while the Usos hit stereo planchas onto Heath and Jinder as we go to a COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back and Jey gets kicked in the corner by McIntyre and tags out to Heath. 3MB works over Jey, including hitting a double slingshot suplex for two. Jey hits a double clothesline and makes the hot tag to Big E. Big E runs through all three members of the band. Big E with a belly to belly on Heath, followed by a splash. Usos then hit superkicks to Drew and Jinder. Big E picks up Slater and hits the Big Ending at the same time both Usos splash McIntyre and Mahal for the win. Fun match, if a little long, with a cool visual at the end.  And then Big E dances with the Usos at the end, with A-Ri pointing out that he is actually doing the Carlton dance from Fresh-Prince. Well, that would’ve gotten a point on its own. 2 for 3.

Final Thoughts: Eh, kind of a bleh show, kind of fitting the theme for the week. AJ on commentary and Big E with the Usos was fun enough though.