Ryan’s Main Event Recap 12/4/13


WWE Main Event
December 4, 2013
 Announcers: Josh Matthews & The Miz

*Before we start the Miz gives Josh a copy of Christmas Bounty and signs it. Miz is just playing annoying, not an annoying heel.

*Ryback w/Curtis Axel vs. Goldust w/Cody Rhodes

Curtis Axel and Ryback tagged together with Paul Heyman, but now are teaming up because they don’t think Paul Heyman did anything for them. Ryback overpowers Goldust to start. Goldust hits a back elbow and Ryback stalls. Ryback screws up falling out of the ring off a dropkick, getting tangled in the ropes and eventually just rolling outside. Goldust works over Ryback’s arm for a bit. Ryback comes back with power and hits a slam and goes for an elbow, but Goldust rolls out the way and then hits a spinning cross-body off the top for one. Ryback hits a flying shoulder tackle, knocking Goldust to the outside as we go to COMMERCIAL BREAK. We come back with Goldust in a headlock. Goldust fights out of the headlock, but then gets hit with a double axe-handle. Ryback hits a nice hanging vertical suplex for two and then locks in a reverse bearhug. Goldust gets out and they hit a double clothesline. Goldust gets up first and hits two clotheslines, followed by an inverted atomic drop, bulldog, sliding punch and spinebuster for two. Goldust clotheslines Ryback out and then hits a plancha, because that’s what 44 year olds do. Axel comes around and Cody takes him out. Ryback goes for a powerbomb, but Goldust sneaks out and hits a slam into a neckbreaker, but Curtis Axel breaks up the count giving Goldust the win. After the match Cody hits the Disaster Kick on Ryback and Goldust back body drops Axel onto Ryback. 1 for 1, pretty much all Goldust, as Ryback just seems so slow and unsure of what he’s doing, but Goldust is one of the top 5 workers in the WWE and has been since he’s come back.

*Raw Recap with Corporate Kane making it Daniel Bryan against the Wyatts at TLC.

*Usos vs. 3MB

Just Jinder and McIntyre, no Heath Slater we are told he injured his vocal cords at a recent gig and needed vocal cord surgery. Jinder starts with Jimmy and they go back and forth, Jay clotheslines Mahal to the outside, but Drew tagged in and hits a dropkick off the apron. Jinder tags back in and uses his huge offensive arsenal (kicks and choking) before tagging back out. Drew works over Jay for a while, but Jay hits a floatover DDT and both men tag out. Jimmy hits a few clotheslines to Jinder and then hits a Samoan Drop and then a superkick, but Drew breaks the count. Jay hits a plancha onto Drew. Jinder tries for a superplex, but Jimmy fights him off and Jimmy hits the splash for the win. Why you would try a superplex against someone with a top rope finisher I don’t know as I wrote the finish once the superplex sequence started. Usos do a little Rikishi dance after the win. Eh, okay match I’ll be nice and give it a point. 2 for 2

*Raw recap: Orton against Cena at TLC, there will be an undisputed champion (probably not).

*Damien Sandow vs. R-Truth

Headlock sequence to start, with R-Truth gaining control. R-Truth hits a dancing legdrop for two. Miz says that the Intercontinental title is one of the most prestigious titles in wrestling. Yup think of all those non-title losses you get to have. Sandow locks in a headlock, but Truth breaks that with a jawbreaker and then clotheslines Sandow out of the ring as we go to a COMMERICAL BREAK. We come back and Sandow has Truth in a headlock. Sandow hits a running elbow and whips Truth into the corner. Brock Lesnar is a nominee for superstar of the year after going 2-1 all year. Miz brings up taking Angry Miz girl’s Slammy, back when he was cool. Sandow works over R-Truth with a headlock/armbar, but Truth fights out of it and hits a flying clothesline. Truth gets the advantage with some punches, but then misses a cross-body. Sandow runs Truth into the post and then hits a Russian legsweep before hitting the Cubito Aequet for two. He misses a corner charge and Truth hits s front suplex for two. Truth goes for the scissor kick, but Sandow ducks and goes for the You’re Welcome, but Turth slips out and hits the scissor kick and gets two. Truth goes for a suplex, but Sandow slips behind him and hits the You’re Welcome for the win. Pretty good match, I like how they talked about Sandow’s match against Big E. and tried building it up as a big deal throughout the match. Not that they’ll do that on Raw or the PPV but it’s the thought that counts. 3 for 3

Final Thoughts: Pretty good show this week, with three watchable matches. I think this was one of the longer Raw recaps, but that’s why it’s better to watch it on DVR over Hulu sometimes.