You Know What That Means: An AEW Podcast #14 – Girls Are Mean!

It’s Friday, and you know what that means! Another installment of YKWTM: An AEW Podcast! On this edition of the show, Jordan and Andrew are back with all the thoughts on Revolution, a wild Dynamite and heavy, HEAVY prognosticating about the future of AEW! 

In addition to recaps and previews, they take a few detours: Who are the best AEW wrestlers to never win a title, in Scott Hall fashion? Who is the better lead in for a show: Angela Lansbury or Sheldon? Which wrestler would be good on Impractical Jokers, and does TruTV air anything other than that show and NCAA tournament games? 

Take a listen, get your fill, and come back in two weeks for more! The Doctor (Britt Baker) orders it!