WWN Supershow 2018 Review

WWN Supershow 2018

It’s announced that the main event will be for the Evolve Title with Matt Riddle vs Will Ospreay

1) AR Fox, DJZ and Trey Miguel vs Austin Theory, Travis Banks and Zachary Wentz- Theory comes out with the WWN Title and FIP Title as he became a double champion earlier in the day. Theory and DJZ start with Theory clotheslining. Fox comes in and hits an armdrag on Theory. Wentz is in and hits a press on Fox. Miguel is in and hits a rana on Wentz. Banks is in and slams Miguel and hits double knees. DJZ comes in and gets Banks in an Indian deathlock. Theory comes in and suplexes DJZ who then backdrops Theory to the floor and hits a plancha to his opponents on the outside. Wentz hits a dive followed by Miguel. Fox hits a springboard lo mein rain to the floor. Fox throws Theory back inside, takes him to the top and dropkicks him. Wentz headlocks Fox and then a chain of headlocks is formed resulting in multiple neckbreakers. Banks throws kicks at Fox and DJZ and gives DJZ a back suplex. Banks does a cannonball on Fox and Wentz in the corner. Miguel gives Banks an enzuiguri and a spinkick but misses a double stomp. Miguel slaps Theory and hits a flying senton (I guess). The action gets a little too wild to write it all down. Fox hits Theory with a back elbow but Theory gets him in Three Seconds Around The World. DJZ DDT’s Theory. Wentz hits a meteora but Miguel takes him down. Fox gets a lo mein pain on Wentz and I’m lost again. DJZ hits a 450 on Banks as Fox and Miguel hit simultaneous dives to the outside. This was hard to review but fun to watch. DJZ then tells Theory after the match that he wants a shot at the FIP and WWN titles.

Jason Kincaid comes out for an apparent match.  Candy Cartwright distracts Kincaid on his way to the ring allowing Jarek 1:20 to attack him. Jarek then attacks the referee. Jarek then drops Kincaid across the guardrail and handcuffs him to it and kicks him in the face. Jarek stretches handcuffs across Kincaid’s face. So there is no official match.

2) Munenori Sawa vs Zack Sabre Jr.– They face off and Sawa slaps him. They jockey for position and Sabre gets his back. Sawa goes for the arm and grabs a headscissors. Sabre has Sawa’s back and goes for the arm but Sawa gets the ropes. They roll to the floor and slap each other numerous times in front of Papa Hales. Sabre seats Sawa on a chair and slaps him and then Sawa does the same to Sabre. They return to the ring and Sabre hits uppercuts. Sabre misses a kick but applies an abdominal stretch which Sawa reverses. Sabre reverses it again and as they struggle for dominance they end up in the ropes. They trade leg-kicks. Sawa takes Sabre down but Sabre grabs a kneebar. Sawa tries to kick his way out but Sabre nails him with slaps. Sawa kicks him in the head. Sawa hits a lightning-fast elbow-drop. Sawa unleashes a flurry of slaps in the corner. They roll to the apron and they trade slaps and leg-kicks. Sawa catches Sabre’s leg and headbutts him. Sawa applies an ankle lock to a standing Sabre who then goes for a guillotine. Sabre grabs an armbar and returns to the ring and has Sawa’s arm tied up in the ring. Sawa gets out but Sabre ties him up in an octopus in the ropes. Sawa gives Sabre a dragon screw legwhip on the ropes. Sabre gets Sawa in an octopus but Sawa hits another dragon screw followed by a shining wizard. Sawa throws the Ohtami Punch followed by a high-kick but Sabre gets him in a leglock and crossface. Sabre applies a headscissors and armbar but Sawa gets the ropes. Sawa gets Sabre in an octopus but Sabre lifts him and gets to the ropes. Sawa goes for the punch again but Sabre takes him down in a cross armbreaker attempt. Sawa escapes and they trade cross armbreaker attempts. Sawa hits a punch and goes for an Ohtami punch but Sabre avoids it and gets him in a leglock stretch causing Sawa to tap.

3) New Orleans Street Fight: Dominic Garrini and Tracy Williams vs James Drake and Anthony Henry vs Odinson and Parrow (The End)– Williams Brawls with Odinson and Parrow and Drake hits them with a tope. Garrini hits all the opponents with a plancha. Williams slaps Henry at ringside and Drake brawls with Garrini. Williams looks for a weapon under the ring and then beats on Drake. Williams then pulls out a table. Drake and Henry hit Garrini with kicks in the ring as Williams sets up the table outside. Williams comes in to help and Garrini hits Drake with clotheslines. Drake Irish whips Garrini and misses a chop allowing Williams to hit a clothesline. Parrow and Odinson come in and throw Henry outside and double-team Williams. Garrini hits Odinson with a ladder on the floor. Williams takes the ladder and throws it into Parrow in the ring. Drake picks up the ladder but Williams dropkicks it into him. Williams then attacks Henry with the ladder. Drennan of The End comes in with his metal baton but Drake catches him. Henry hits Drennan with a headkick and Drak clotheslines him. They chop him in the corner and Drake hits a cannonball. Drake and Henry square off with Odinson and Parrow. Henry gets thrown into Drake’s arms and Odinson dropkicks them then Williams attacks with a chair. Williams and Garrini set up a table. Odinson fights with Garrini while Williams slides outside and powerbombs Parrow onto a table at ringside. Williams and Garrini give Odinson a double suplex through a table. Drake and Henry are in and they give Williams a powerslam/DDT combination. Garrini goes after Henry’s arm but takes a DDT from Drake. Henry then puts Garrini’s bare toes in between the ladder and he and Drake hit the ladder with chairs. Drake and Henry take Garrini to the top rope and go for a double superplex but Williams breaks it up. Williams chops Drake in the corner and takes him to the top rope. Henry goes for a superplex on Garrini while Williams does so to Drake. Odinson and Parrow come in and turn these attempts into their own powerbombs and then do a super collider to Williams and Henry. Parrow and Odinson bring in a table and set it up in the corner. Garrini hits Odinson with a superman punch and goes after Parrow but Odinson charges Garrini into the table. Wiliams then throws punches at Parrow and Odinson but Parrow manages to powerbomb him. Henry breaks up a pin attempt. Drake takes out Drennan on the outside. Parrow gets Henry up on his shoulders but Drake knocks Odinson off the top rope with a chair. Henry and Drake give Parrow an assisted Ace crusher. Drake gives Parrow a moonsault and Henry stops the three-count saying “Let’s end it!” They bring in a ladder and Drake beats up Parrow and Odinson with a chair. Henry Brings in a table and Drake sets it up over Parrow. Drake hits Odinson with a spinning backfist and lays him on the table. Henry then does a double stomp on Odinson on the table and they pin Parrow.

4) Shine Championship: Lufisto vs Holidead– Lufisto charges in the corner but Holidead rolls her Holidead hits her with knees to the gut and a clothesline. Holidead whips her into the ropes but Lufisto puts her in the tree of woe and kicks her. Lufisto hits a cannonball then rams Holidead’s legs into the ringpost. Lufisto hits her with forearms and a kick to the head. Lufisto chinlocks Holidead who fight out with elbows. They trade clothesline. Holidead hits a back elbow and a neckbreaker. Holidead blocks Lufisto’s punches and chops her. Holidead hits her with clotheslines and a side slam. Holidead hits Lufisto with a knee-lift in the corner. Holidead kicks her in the face and gives her a spinebuster. Holidead charges but Lufisto throws her into the corner and gives her a hip attack and then a face-wash. They trade slaps and Lufisto pokes her in the eye. Holidead grabs her in a Samoan Drop. Holidead misses a dropkick and Lufisto grabs her in an Indian Deathlock. Holidead gets to the ropes. Holidead picks up Lufisto and hits a spinning slam for a pin attempt. Holidead goes for a top rope legdrop but misses. Lufisto charges her in the corner and hits her with a burning hammer for the pinfall. Lufisto takes the mic and says that she is the women’s revolution and will have this belt until she retires. Kimber Lee then comes in ring and faces off with her.

5) Daisuke Sekimoto v Keith Lee– They lock up and Lee shoves Sekimoto back toward the ropes. Sekimoto headlocks Lee and they shoulder-block each other. Lee hits a hurracanrana and then charges Sekimoto in the corner. Lee hits his big double chop on the chest. They trade forearms to the chest. Lee punches Sekimoto in the neck and then chops him in the corner. Sekimoto fires back with big chops and Lee returns in kind. Lee gives Sekimoto some big punches and then a clothesline. Sekimoto throws forearms. Lee hits a spinning backfist and a headbutt but Sekimoto still throws more chops. Lee goes for Ground Zero but Sekimoto blocks it and bodyslams him. Sekimoto puts Lee in an abdominal stretch but Lee hiptosses his way out. Lee goes for a powerslam but Sekimoto escapes. Lee shoulder-blocks him to the mat. Lee calls for a brainbuster but Sekimoto reverses into a vertical suplex. Sekimoto gives Lee a missile dropkick. Sekimoto misses a clothesline and Lee gets him with a bodypress. Lee goes for a powerbomb but Sekimoto powers him into a backdrop. Lee gets up and they clothesline each other. Sekimoto hits another clothesline and knocks him down. Lee gives Sekimoto a powerbomb for a near-fall. Lee positions Sekimoto for a moonsault and goes up top. Lee does the moonsault but Sekimoto gets out of the way. Sekimoto headbutts him and gives him a bridging wrist-clutch German suplex for the win. Nick Gage then attacks Lee and beats up security. Gage takes the mic and I can’t quite understand what he says. Lee takes the mic and calls out a heckling fan. Lee says the fans will forever continue to bask in his glory. Lee and Gage will be facing off in Style Battle tomorrow.

6) Evolve Tag Team Titles: Chris Dickinson and Jaka vs Walter and Timothy Thatcher– Thatcher and Jaka start out and Thatcher clinches him and goes for a cross armbreaker. Thatcher gets on top and Jaka gets the ropes. Thatcher goes for the leg but Jaka hits up-kicks. Thatcher kicks Dickinson off the apron and then he and Walter double-team him. Thatcher tags back in and suplexes Jaka and works his arm. Walter tags in and bodyslams Jaka and kicks Dickinson off the ropes. Walter chops Jaka and then Thatcher tags in and uppercuts Jaka who kicks him away. Jaka hits a superkick and a German suplex. Dickinson tags in and clotheslines both Thatcher and Walter. Dickinson suplexes Thatcher. Dickinson chops Thatcher in the corner and tags in Jaka who hits Thatcher with uppercuts. Jaka gives him a powerdrive elbow. Jaka elbows and forearms Thatcher and tags in Dickinson who chops and kicks him. Dickinson ties up hatcher in a leglock but Walter breaks it up. Dickinson goes back after Thatcher who gets on top but Dickinson goes for a cross armbreaker with Thatcher getting the ropes. Jaka tags in and DDT’s Thatcher and headbutts him. Dickinson tag in and he and Jaka backdrop Thatcher. Thatcher fights back and hits Dickinson with a belly-to-belly suplex. Walter tags in and throws chops at both opponents. They go for a double clothesline but Walter avoids it and hits Dickinson with a clothesline and Jaka with a German suplex. Walter gives Dickinson a butterfly suplex. Walter and Dickinson trade chops and kicks. Walter hits a big kick. Jaka and Thatcher come in and trade chops. Jaka hits a spin-kick. Walter charges Dickinson who grabs him for a vertical suplex attempt. Walter reverses it but Dickinson floats over. They go back-and-forth and Dickinson hits an enzuiguri and a falcon arrow. They trade chops and Walter gives him a powerbomb for a near-fall. Jaka gives Thatcher a spinning backfist. Dickinson hits Walter with a tornado DDT. Jaka tags in and hits Walter with forearms chops but Walter slaps him down and clotheslines him. Walter takes Jaka up top and goes for a superplex but Dickinson gets Walter on his shoulders. Thatcher grabs Jaka in a rear naked choke on the top rope. Walter gets Dickinson in a kojira clutch but Jaka dives on Walter to break it up. Thatcher hits Jaka with an enzuiguri and a Saito Suplex. Thatcher goes for a butterfly suplex but Dickinson and Jaka get him in the death trap for the pinfall to keep the titles. Tracy Wiliams comes out and said they did what Catch Point is all about. Williams says they need to address the elephant in the room, that since Stokely Hathaway took over their business he has run it into the ground. Williams says his services are no longer needed. Hathaway says he bought Catch Point and owns it and Williams can’t fire him be but that he can fire Williams. Hathaway tells him he’s fired. Dominic Garrini then comes in and gives Williams a low blow. Jaka holds Williams and Dickinson tears his Catch point shirt off.

7) Evolve title: Matt Riddle vs Will Ospreay– It’s announced there will be no rope breaks for the match in accordance with Riddle’s new title match rules. Riddle charges with a knee to start but Ospreay avoids and punches him. Ospreay hits a running kick and a German suplex. Riddle hits a knee and Ospreay knocks him to the floor and hits a dive. Ospreay does a back-kick on the floor. Riddle gives Ospreay a German suplex on the apron. Riddle punches Ospreay and takes him inside and hits forearms in the corner. Riddle hits a superman punch in the corner followed by an exploder suplex and a senton. Riddle gutwrench suplexes Ospreay twice. Riddle kicks him in the chest and face. Ospreay catches a kick and hits a handspring kick. Ospreay hits a back elbow in the corner followed by a dropkick. Ospreay hits a springboard forearm and a standing shooting star press. Riddle goes for an up-kick but Ospreay blocks it and hits an up-kick and an inverted DDT. Ospreay gives for an enzuiguri but Riddle avoids it and gives him a powerbomb and knee-strike. Riddle charges for a superman punch but Ospreay knocks him down with an uppercut. Ospreay goes up top but Riddle takes him down and applies a sleeper and does a sleeper suplex. Riddle elbows him and applies the Bromission. Ospreay tries to escape but Riddle gets his back and hits more elbows. Ospreay stands up with Riddle on his back. Riddle throws elbows but Ospreay climbs the ropes with Riddle on his back but falls and hurts his neck. A number of referees come in to check on him. Riddle tries to check on him but gets backed up. Ospreay sits up and fights the referees off. Riddle knees him in the back of the head and gives him tombstone for a near-fall. Riddle then rips the tape off of Ospreay’s neck and stomps his neck. Riddle hits a senton and a knee-strike for a one-count. Riddle goes for a Gotch-style piledriver but Ospreay gets him in a triangle and throws elbows. Riddle lifts him for a slam but Ospreay clotheslines him. Ospreay has Riddle’s wrist and Riddle tries to kick him away but he hits a lariat. Riddle goes for a lariat but Ospreay floats over and powerbombs him. Riddle hits kicks to the head and goes for an Oscutter but Riddle catches him in a Bromission for the tap-out win. Riddle takes the mic and tells the fans to give it up for Ospreay. Riddle says the fans made his dreams come true and thanks them from his heart.

This was yet another successful outing from Evolve. Sabre vs Sawa, Lee vs Sekimoto and Ringkampf vs Catch Point were all great and then Riddle vs Ospreay delivered well past my expectations and might be my favorite Ospreay match. Just a great couple nights of shows from this company and I am loving their product right now.

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