WWE 205 Live – 10/17/17

October 17, 2017

From the Key Arena in Seattle, WA

Your hosts are Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness

We get a video recap on Enzo Amore losing the Cruiserweight Championship to Kalisto then laying out Kalisto and Mustafa Ali on RAW last night with the help of Ariya Daivari, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak.


Tonight, we will see Kalisto & Mustafa Ali vs. Enzo Amore & Ariya Daivari and Rich Swann vs. Jack Gallagher.


Enzo comes out to start off the live show. He talks about his “team” last night looking like money and make references to grunge music and Starbucks. Enzo now switches focus to Kalisto and how he will put him in the hospital after TLC, likely the kids hospital. Enzo then talks about the WWE and WWE Universe not doing him any favors as he found success through his own charisma and you cannot teach this. Kalisto runs out to attak Enzo, who bails, as Kalisto runs at him to return. I thought Enzo’s work on the mic was superb. He was obnoxious and ran down Kalisto so much he came out and beat him down a bit to give some more hype not only to the TLC match but also tonight’ tag team match.


A video package on the feud between Cedric Alexander and Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher, which will lead to a tag match at TLC with Rich Swann teaming up with Alexander.


“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher w/ The Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann w/ Cedric Alexander

Alexander & Swann are shown in an insert promo promising to take care of their opponent at TLC. Swann takes Gallagher down with a dropkick then hammers away. Gallagher rolls outside and near Cedric after being hit with a hurricarana but on the other side of the ring, Kendrick pulls Swann outside. Gallagher now works a chinlock in the middle of the ring. Swann escapes and they slug it out until Gallagher knocks him down with a headbutt to the abdomen. Swann floats over on a suplex but runs into a dropkick as Gallagher covers for a two count. Gallagher cranks the neck for a bit then they trade uppercuts until Gallagher uses a single leg take down. Gallagher now works the leg until Swann escapes and runs wild. Swann gets two with a spinning heel kick then he climbs up top but Gallagher puts him on his shoulders. Swann escapes and gets a nearfall with a Tiger Bomb and measures Gallagher for a roundhouse kick but Gallagher bails. Swann set up for a dive but Kendrick holds up the ring bell. Cedric takes out Kendrick and that leads to a brawl. The bell has not rung yet as Swann sets up for a Phoenix Splash but Kendrick pulls him out then the ref finally rules this as a double DQ (8:24) **3/4.

Thoughts: The action was solid and the brawl at the end came off great and gave their tag match at TLC some momentum.


Drew Gulak is heads out to the ring with his “No Chants” sign. Gulak say he considers himself our father. He also talks about his “Drewtopia” and how it a safe space from top-rope dives and unnecessary chanting. And when we ignored his sign he had to take action and lay out Akira Tozawa last week where he hit him in the throat with his sign. We learn that Tozawa has injured his vocal cords as Gulak says that is called “tough love.” Gulak will not sit by idly while someone defies 205 Live then the crowd chant like Tozawa. Gulak says the fans need tough love now then brags about making Tozawa’s throat “impotent.” Gulak then tells us about slide #9 of his Power Point presentation in an excited manner and that is “No Defying Authority.” He says despite what we heard on our “Beastie Boys” and “Fresh Prince” records, parents do understand. The crowd gets on Gulak, who says as our father it his duty to tell us that ignorance is no excuse. Gulak then tells us this Sunday he will present us a very special edition of his plan for a better 205 Live on the TLC Kickoff Show. Great stuff here from Gulak as he has owned this character and continues to get reactions from the crowd. I also think getting to do his routine on the Kickoff Show is a bit of a reward as his segments are starting to get more over with the crowds.


Kalisto & Mustafa Ali vs. Enzo Amore & Ariya Daivari

Kalisto is shown in an insert promo telling Enzo he will beat him tonight in this tag team match and at TLC he will beat him up. Enzo ducks underneath the ropes to avoid Kalisto. Daivari tags in and slaps Kalisto, who fights back. Kalisto kicks Enzzo down but Enzo provides a distraction and Daivari hits a slam. Kalisto fights back again as Daivari gets worked over until Enzo distracts him, allowing Daivari to shove him outside. Enzo roughs up Kalisto on the outside then tags in and stomps Kalisto in the corner. Enzo & Daivari continue to cut off the ring as Enzo gets a nearfall with a flatliner. Enzo decks Kalisto with a right and that gets two. Daivari low-bridges Kalisto, who spills outside then is rolled back inside. Daivari hits a few stomps and gets a nearfall with a suplex before grabbing a chinlock. Kalisto is tossed outside again where Enzo tries to hit him but it backfires. Back inside, Kalisto knocks Enzo off of the apron but gets clotheslined as Daivari covers for two. Daivari tries for another suplex but Kalisto turns that into a DDT in midair. Ali rallies the crowd behind his partner as Kalisto finally makes the tag. Ali runs wild on Enzo and gets a two count with a rolling neckbreaker. He places Enzo up top then flips off and catches Enzo in midair with a dropkick. Daivari makes the save but gets tossed then Kalisto makes a blind tag as Ali flies out with a dive onto Daivari. Enzo rolls through a crossbody but Kalisto comes back with the Salida Del Sol and the win (9:22) **1/2. After the match, Kalisto dives out on both men then Ali evens the score as they all brawl up the ramp. Kalisto then slides back into the ring and pumps up as Enzo look shocked while laying on the ramp.

Thoughts: Most of this was basic but it picked up in the final couple of minutes. I do like how they portrayed Kalisto tonight though. Sure, he is rough on the mic, but he stuck up for himself and is not letting Enzo make a mockery of the title or stand for his verbal abuse. Kalisto did a great job here when selling too.


Final Thoughts: Everything on this show was focused and had a reason to happen. The action was decent overall plus they have some decent feuds going on here and it made for an easy show to watch. The Cruiserweight Division has not had as much representation in a PPV as they will this coming Sunday at TLC. I hope they get a chance to shine and deliver.

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