Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #8

On Episode 8 of Wrestling’s Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and our special guest Rory McNamara as we go down to Miami, Florida for the Royal Rumble 2006. We discuss the sad passing of Jon Huber before we get to the show itself. Topics on the show include WWE attempting an X Division spot fest, Roman Goddess Steph, WWE setting equality back 50 years, a dogs tattoo, moonpie moments, midcard rumbles, Spirit Squad auditions, Ben’s Tatanka love in, the Dry Humping of Matt Hardy, Cena-Edge only being ok and one of the worst main events of the last 20 years. We also dish out the traditional end of show awards as well as announce what the next t show is. All that and so much more on Episode 8 of Wrestling’s Chicken Salad!