Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #12

On the newest episode of Wrestling’s Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they talk all things Backlash 2005. After catching up on real life for a couple of minutes we get down to business. Topics discussed include a great opener and a definition of a hidden classic, the pedigree the heartthrobs (bonus points if you remember them), the pedigree, a brutal last man standing match, Logan going all Dr Phil when talking about the Kane and Lita relationship, the pedigree, pervy old man Jerry Lawler, the pedigree, a steaming pile of neckbones, the pedigree, this whole show being very un PC and making it past the Peacock censors, the pedigree, Mr Jiggles, the pedigree, duelling Vince impressions, the pedigree, HHH Wank Fest 05, the pedigree, Ben trying to rap, the pedigree, a drinking game during an underwhelming main event and did we mention the pedigree? We end with some awards and reveal what we will be watching next month. Come for the concept but stay for the pedigree, its Wrestling’s Chicken Salad!