Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #11

On the newest episode of Wrestling’s Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland as well as special guest Jacob Williams as they break down and review Wrestlemania 27. On the show the boys will be discussing topics including Rock Wank Fest 11, who’s Kerri Hilson, Logan’s killer stats, some quality limb work, 2011 Michael Cole, disappointing Cody v Rey, the corrrrrrreeeeeee (sic), the peoples strudel, Rock and Austin’s Wrestlemania moment, some quality limb work (part 2), Hank makes a new enemy, odd people in suits, becoming main roster angry, good but not epic HHH-Taker match, Ben and Shawn’s in depth Jersey Shore knowledge, great entrances but awful main event, Wankelmania and end of show awards. Come for the concept buy stay for Logan getting legitimately angry, its Wrestling’s Chicken Salad.