Wrestling’s Chicken Salad #10

On episode 10 of Wrestlings Chicken Salad join Ben Locke, Logan Crosland and Shawn Kidd as they celebrate the show getting into double figures and kick off Wrestlemania season by going back to 1993 and Wrestlemania 9. For such an auspicious occasion they welcome Matt Souza to the show to share in the suffering. We discuss such topics as entertainment clubs, JR in a toga, actual praise for a Tatanka match, insane spots and hair between the Steiners and Headshrinkers, HEEL DOINK~!, Logan’s very diplomatic review of Backlund-Razor, a welcome appearance of Angry Matt during the tag title match, a science lesson involving a brick and briefcase, Hanks warning for Scott Criscuolo, pervy old men during the Luger entrance, a slight argument over star ratings, a night of awful finishes and genuine anger 28 years on about the Hogan wankfest at the end. We wrap up the show by dishing out some awards. Come for the absurdity but stay for more old Shawn jokes than he can shake his walking stick at, its Wrestlings Chicken Salad!