Wrestling With the Past #6: 1991 Year in Review


Will & Charles are joined by Childs Walker to discuss 1991. First, we’ll pay a visit to Memphis where we see the emergence of JC Ice, the Texas vs. Tennessee feud, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, a brief Fabulous Ones reunion and a great in-ring year for Jeff Jarrett. We’ll discuss the top matches and wrestlers in Mexico and Japan with plenty of discussion on the Brazos, Misawa, Kawada, the Three Musketeers and Jushin Liger. Will & Charles have a healthy debate on the merits of joshi as a style and as a form of entertainment. Back in WCW, we discuss the York Foundation, Wargames, Ric Flair leaving and the Dangerous Alliance. Finally, we pay a visit to the WWF with discussions on the Hogan-Slaughter feud, Savage vs. Warrior from Wrestlemania, the great face AND heel runs of Jake the Snake and the debuts of Ric Flair & The Undertaker. An action-packed three hours of discussion.