Wrestling with Optimism #5 – NWA Legends Fanfest


Wrestling with Optimism is back as Graham Cawthon & Brad Stutts reminisce about 11 years of the NWA Legends Fanfest.

With the final Fanfest set to start July 30 in Charlotte, NC, Graham and Brad share stories of their many years attending, the friendships made there, and the culture of the wrestling convention.

They talk about how the event popped up on their radar, meeting each other there 10 years ago, being part of the event as both a fan and vendor, and discuss the fans and talent that make the trip each year.

Topics include: nostalgia shows, fan collectables, facing the wrath of Sensational Sherri, getting scammed by Virgil, Graham’s wife mistaken for a TNA Knockout, one last photo with the Heavenly Bodies, Roddy Piper putting Graham out with a sleeper, Brad being part of a Piper-Ric Flair shoot interview, wrestler Q&As, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express / Midnight Express feud, Brad Armstrong, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Dr. Death¬†Steve Williams, Bill Watts, Bret Hart, Jim Cornette, Ric Flair, Survivor Series 89, and much more.

Follow them on Twitter at @thehistoryofwwe and @stuttsy and keep up with them for updates and audio from next weekend’s event.¬†For more information, visit nwalegends.com.