Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars #8 – 10/16/95

In this episode of¬†Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars, JT Rozzero & Chad Campbell dive into the 10/16/95 Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro. They catch up on their personal lives for a few minutes and then talk about Nitro returning to a smaller town, Diamond Dallas Page’s attack, Bobby Heenan’s WCW commentary, pace of play in baseball, Bill Watts departing the WWF, more dark Hulk Hogan, Sting accepting Ric Flair’s offer, the end of Doink (finally!), a big match for PG-13, our first glimpse of Ahmed Johnson, the merciful end of the Bret Hart/Isaac Yankem feud and much more.

So sit back, settle in and join JT and Chad as they work their way through the one and only Monday Night Wrestling War era!

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