Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars #16 – 11/20/95

In this episode of¬†Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars, JT Rozzero & Chad Campbell dive into the week of wrestling from 11/20/95. They catch up on their personal lives for a few minutes and then pay tribute to the late Gene Okerlund before talking Survivor Series fallout, the continuation of 1-2-3 Kid’s heel turn, the final vestiges of the Corporation, an iconic Diesel promo, a legendary Shawn Michaels angle, more of the never-ending Shark/Norton feud, hungover Ric Flair, the beauty of heel Brian Pillman, a huge Nitro main event, World War 3 hype and much more.

So sit back, settle in and join JT and Chad as they work their way through the one and only Monday Night Wrestling War era!

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