Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars #12 – 10/30/95

In this episode of¬†Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars, JT Rozzero & Chad Campbell dive into the 10/30/95 Monday Night Raw and Monday Nitro. They catch up on their personal lives for a few minutes and then talk about Matt Riddle’s NXT arrival, some legendary fans, Craig Pittman’s return to action, the arrival of Sonny Onoo, an ugly Sabu bump, a great Horsemen interview, the newly refreshed Dungeon of Doom, a festive atmosphere on Raw, the TV debut of Goldust, canned heat, Pumpkin Dok, a top notch Jim Cornette performance, a good IC Title match and much more.

So sit back, settle in and join JT and Chad as they work their way through the one and only Monday Night Wrestling War era!

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