WrestleMania Weekend Recap: King of Indies 2015 Night 1 & 2

King of Indies Night 2

Quarterfinal: Brian Cage vs Jeff Cobb

They do some mat-wrestling to start and Cage hangs in there with him. Cobb gives him a fireman’s carry slam and Cage responds with a dropkick. Cage gives Cobb a delayed vertical suplex. Cobb gets out of the way of a standing moonsault and gives Cage two gutwrench suplexes. Cage hits a Russian Legsweep. Cage actually gives Cobb a 619. Cobb hits a Northern Lights Suplex. Cage takes him down with a clothesline. Cobb gives Cage an exploder into the turnbuckles and hits him with uppercuts. Cobb gives Cage a pumphandle suplex and Cage responds with a type of pumphandle driver. Cage hits a top rope elbow drop. Cobb catches Cage in the air and hits his Tour Of The Islands. Cage does a cross body off the rops and Cobb attempts his finisher again but Cage blocks it and hits a suplex. Cobb hits two German suplexes and Cage hits one of his own. Cage hits a discuss clothesline. Cage starts hitting superkicks but Cobb catches him and hits his Tour Of The Islands, a spinning powerslam. Cage pins him and advances in the tourney.

Quarterfinal: Vinny Massaro vs Timothy Thatcher

Massaro goes for a guillotine controls him but Massaro drives him into the mat. Thatcher works away on Massaro’s arm and Massaro works in some strikes. Thatcher blocks a chop with his forearms. Thatcher shoots the leg and tries a cross armbreaker. Massaro hits a clothesline and Thatcher knees him in the head. Massaro gets a side suplex. Thatcher puts Massaro in a Fujiwara armbar and Massaro taps, with Thatcher advancing to the semi-finals.

Quarterfinal: Luster the Legend vs Adam Thornstowe

It’s a match with tag team partners against each other. Luster misses a dropkick and Thornstowe hits him with a double stomp and a senton. Luster gives him a high backdrop. Luster hits him with hard chops in the corner. Thornstowe knocks Luster to the ring with a knee strike and hits a tope suicida. Luster drops Thornstowe headfirst on the mat and gives him a Razor’s Edge onto the apron. Luster continues with chops and knees in the ring and then a spinebuster. Luster hits a gutwrench powerbomb. They’re on the turnbuckle and Thornstowe attempts a top-rope sunset flip. Luster blocks it but Thornstowe gets back to the top and double-stomps him. Luster charges Thornstowe who hits a Superman punch. Luster takes him down and puts him in a Texas Cloverleaf but Thornstowe gets a rope break. Luster puts him in a Cobra Clutch and gives him a backbreaker. Thornstowe hits a superkick and then a Death Valley Driver. Thornstowe hits another superkick and gives Luster a tombstone for the win. Thornstowe will face Thatcher in the second round.

Quarterfinal: Willie Mack vs Rey Horus

Willie looks so cool doing a leapfrog. They trade some awesome armdrogs and both throw dropkicks that catch air. Willie sinks in a headlock really tight and drags Horus around the ring. Willie throws Horus high in the air and lets him drop to the mat and then hits a clothesline. Willie hits a running brainbuster. Horus avoids a big splash from Willie in the corner. Willie ends up outside and Horus does a springboard rana to the outside. Horus hits a big slap on the outside and then whips Horus through the guardrail. They’re back inside and Horus backdrops Willie to the apron and hits an enzuiguri followed by a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope. Horus hits a flying bodypress from the top into the ring and then hits Willie with a Tornado DDT. Willie slams Horus to the mat but misses a swanton bomb. Willie then gives Horus a Michinoku Driver and pins him for the win. Willie will face Cobb in the semifinals.

Quarterfinal: Ultimo Dragon vs Juventud Guerrera

Juvi comes out in an Ultimo Dragon mask and Dragon then comes out with Sonny Onoo. Juvi does wrestle in a mask for the match. They trade holds and Juvi starts working submissions. Dragon does a spinning headscissors twice and Juvi goes to the floor. He goes back inside and this a flying headscissors and then a seated dropkick. Dragon goes to the floor and Juvi hits a pescado. Juvi takes control back in the ring. Juvi takes him to the top rope. Dragon knocks him off but Juvi hits the ropes and Dragon falls to the mat and sells his knee. Juvi comes off the top and Dragon dropkicks him. Dragon hits another dropkick and a backdrop. Juvi is on the floor and cuts off Dragon from hitting an Assai Moonsault. Onoo hits Juvi with kicks and is admonished by Dragon. Juvi pushes Dragon into Onoo and then takes him back inside. Dragon ranas him into a roll-up and they trade pin attempts. Dragon applies a cross ankle-lock. They do a number of reversals and Juvi hits a Juvi Driver. Dragon hits a flurry of kicks and then an Assai DDT for the three-count and the win. Onoo celebrates with Dragon and Juvi after the match. Juvi takes his mask off afterward.

Semifinal: Adam Thornstowe vs Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher gets a hammerlock and goes for a pin. Thatcher works him over on the mat but Thornstowe applies a body-scissors and throws stirkes. They both bridge up in the body-scissors and start slapping each other. They break and Thornstowe hits a number of head-kicks. Thatcher grabs a wristlock and slams him to the mat. Thatcher starts working the arm and does a combinatoin half nelson/hammerlock. Thatcher tears away at Thornstowe’s arm and tries a cross armbreaker. Thornstowe knocks Thatcher down with a forearm. They trade a bunch of uppercuts and Thornstowe nails a superkick. Thornstowe hits a big double stomp from the top rope. Thatcher applies a wristlock and uppercuts Thornstowe’s arm. Thatcher grabs the arm and tries another cross armbreaker. Thornstowe blocks it but Thatcher goes after an armbar. Thatcher hits an uppercut and tries the Tower of McGuinness. Thornstowe blocks and gives him a superkick, a Death Valley Driver and a top rope splash. Thornstowe pins Thatcher for a surprise win and goes to the finals.

Semifinal: Willie Mack vs Jeff Cobb

They go for a test of strength and work each other into pinning positions and Cobb holds a bridging position with Willie on top. Cobb applies a hammerlock but Willie stretches him. Cobb lifts Willie up and slams him. Willie slams him out of a fireman’s carry. Cobb works submissions but Willie stands up with Cobb on his back. Cobb splashes Cobb and misses a dropkick allowing Cobb to hit one. Cobb hits a few Irish whips and then gives Willie an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Willie hits a flying knee and lays in with chops. Cobb hits back and Willie gives Cobb uppercuts to the spine and then gives him a roll of the dice off the ropes. Willie knees him in the back and hits a sit-out clothesline. Cobb hits uppercuts, slams Willie and misses a standing shooting star press. Willie hits a standing moonsault for a two-count. They both throw forearms and elbows and Willie hits a discus knee strike. Cobb dropkicks Willie to the back of the head. Willie goes for a driver but Cobb gets out. Cobb attempts his Tour Of The Islands and Willie counters with a roll-up for the pinfall and the win. Willie faces Thornstowe in the finals.

The Grappler III vs Earl Cooter

Cooter goes for roll-ups and gives Grappler a flying headscissors. Grappler is outside and Cooter hits a tope con giro. Grappler takes over inside and gives him a knee-drop the head. Grappler hits a side drops but Cooter moves. Grappler takes him down with a clothesline. Cooter hits a forearm and goes up top and hits a missile dropkick. Grappler hits a spinebuster. Cooter hits a twisting unprettier for the win.

Bobby Hart and Sir Samurai vs Marcus Lewis and Famous B vs Rocknes Monsters of Johnny Goodtime and Johnny Yuma vs APW Tag Champs Levi Shapiro and Buddy Royal

This might put my recap abilities to the test. All eight men brawl to start and go to the floor. Lewis and Famous B hit big dives onto their opponents. Shapiro and Royal start going to the back but Samurai hits a dive off the staircase. Hart goes for a submission on Royal in the ring. Shapiro tags in and springboards into an Ace Cutter. Lewis tags in and faces Yuma who double-teams him with Goodtime. Hart manhandles Lewis including a big double stomp and a slingshot German suplex. Yuma hits a blind tag for a pin attempt. Goodtime is in and hits a backbreaker. The tags are real fast here but it comes back to Hart beating up Lewis again and placing him on the top rope. Samurai gets on Hart’s shoulders and superplexes Lewis, they crumble in the process but it is still impressive. Lewis ends up with Samurai and kicks away at him. Goodtime and Yuma tag in and hit a reverse neckbreaker on Lewis who comes back with a double Pele kick. Famous B tags in and dropkicks almost everyone. Hart and Samurai go for a double clothesline but Famous jumps over and hits a double dropkick. Famous and Lewis go for stereo dives but get cut off. Yuma takes up Goodtime in an airplane spin and kicks everyone with him. Hart gives Lewis a crazy Go 2 Sleep. Hart gets knocked to the floor and Goodtime does a tope splash on him. Royal and Shapiro hit a Veg-O-Matic. Lewis goes up top but Shapiro throws salt in his eyes. Royal rolls him up for the pinfall and he and Shapiro, the Classic Connection, retain the titles. The belts don’t match by the way.

Tournament Final: Adam Thornstowe vs Willie Mack

Thornstowe grabs a hammerlock but Willie rolls out and hits a rolling enzuiguri. Thornstowe hits a dropkick that barely moves Willie. He then hits Thornstowe with a dropkick of his own. They hit stirkes and start trading headbutts. Willie is on the floor and Thornstowe goes for a dive but Willie kicks him in the head. Willie backdrops Thornstowe into the crowd and then hits a tope con giro over from the floor over the guardrail. Willie rams Thornstowe’s head into the wall and slaps him to the floor. Thornstowe hits drives Willie’s head into a chair. Willie reverses a whip and throws Thornstowe into a row of chairs. Willie hits an airplane spin slam on Thornstowe on top of a pile of chairs. Thornstowe gets up and throws a chair at Willie and then dropkicks a chair into him. Thornstowe takes Willie back into the ring and hits him with a rolling senton from the apron. Willie hits a clothesline in the corner and then hits a big clothesline for a pin attempt. Willie drops an elbow on Thornstowe and then gives him a fist-drop. Thornstowe hits a Superman punch and a running knee. He hits another knee and a standing shooting star press for a near-fall. Thornstowe hits a spin-kick and forearms bout Willie comes back and hits a pounce. Thornstowe boots Willie in the face but Willie hits a Samoan Drop and nails a moonsault. Thornstowe kicks Willie in the head and does a top rope double stomp. Thornstowe hits a jumping knee strike in the corner but Willie gives him an exploder into the corner. Willie does a corkscrew splash but Thornstowe gets ouf of the way. Thornstowe hits three superkicks and then hits a Death Valley Driver. Thornstowe hits a frog splash and gets the pin to win the tournament.

I wouldn’t have booked Thornstowe to win the tournament if it was up to me but he really did do well in a tournament that was filled with some great wrestlers. Thatcher, Cobb and Mack all look great coming out of this and Thornstowe does benefit from the win and really showed himself as able to hang with them. This was definitely a successful tournament that I’m glad I watched.