With This Ring #53

With This Ring #53: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Ryan and Cindy feel the love for St. Valentine’s Day Massacre and continue their quest through 1999. We discuss all the build-up and the fact that they made a big spectacle out of a February Pay-Per-View. Topics include:

  • Half-time Heat being an early version of a cinematic match. 
  • A quick check on our love life in 1999.
  • Discussion of the Memphis Pyramid becoming a Bass Pro Shop. 
  • The Blue Meanie’s lackluster WWF career.
  • The Hardcore title being won in the Mississippi River.
  • Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart trying to be a stabilizing force in the Tag division. 
  • The Intercontinental Title saga with Ken Shamrock, Val Venis, Billy Gunn and Ryan Shamrock.
  • The annoying combination of Chyna and Shane McMahon, along with Kane, squaring off against D-Generation X.
  • The Rock and Mankind still managing to keep the crowd’s interest in their fourth straight PPV match. 
  • The highly anticipated Vince McMahon/Steve Austin cage match and the Giant debut of the Big Nasty Paul Wight. 
  • Quick discussion of backstage WrestleMania plans and how things ended up shaking out the next night on Raw, due to a ladder match between the Rock and Mankind. 

Enjoy the show!