Who’s Next? A Look at Goldberg, Part 2 (October 1997)

Who's next?
Who’s next?

Last month we looked at Goldberg’s pro-wrestling career and his first two television matches. We are now moving on to the second month of Goldberg! A month where a lot of things come into place, but he is still only six matches into his career.

Bill Goldberg vs Roadblock (10/11/97 Saturday Night, taped 10/1/97)
Record: 6-0
Televised Record: 2-0

Goldberg has made his way onto the b-shows. WCW b-shows are a lot of fun as you get these ridiculous fun matches that you don’t see anywhere. This match is a match you would expect though, as Roadblock was WCW’s monster jobber. He was huge, but big guys looked impressive beating him. By the way his gimmick is that he is a human roadblock!

Goldberg’s music debuts here and it is just the perfect fit for him. So intense and explosive! They couldn’t had picked a better theme for him. The pyro is not here yet though.

Roadblock jumps Goldberg to start, but his lariat is no sold. Goldberg does a pretty cool double leg takedown, showing of his MMA skills. Goldberg then hits a huge lariat himself, which fazes Roadblock. A shoulder block knows down the monster. Roadblock gets a nearfall with belly to belly suplex. Goldberg nails a jumping spin wheel kick which knocks Roadblock down. An unnamed Jackhammer gets the win. It’s pretty damn impressive to hit that move on a guy that huge. Roadblock is nearly 400 pounds.

Also on October 1, Goldberg defeats Manny Fernandez but that is not aired until December 13th so let’s just add that to the real record, but not the televised record yet. We will discuss this match in December.

The debut of the spear!
The debut of the spear!

Bill Goldberg vs Scotty Riggs (10/13/97 Nitro)
Record: 8-0
Televised Record: 3-0

Although WCW has done a great job with Goldberg they still are making mistakes. It’s a full minute into the match before they talk about either guy. They were going on and on about Raven.

The spear is debuted here early, although it’s more of a football tackle here. He follows it up with punches. Goldberg then just chucks Riggs into the corner and tries twice to run in after him, but gets met with a kick. The third attempt he catches the legs and crushes him in the corner. A really good adjustment. Riggs was able to hit a few dropkicks and Goldberg goes to the floor. Although that was probably a mistake as his plancha is caught and Goldberg just drops him on the guard rail. Mike Tenay explains that Gene LeBell has offered to train Goldberg. A neat attempt to legitimize him. Back in the ring and a Jackhammer (which is finally named) gets another easy win for Goldberg. A really fun squash and the announcers are doing well talking about him becoming a mega star in the future.

Bill Goldberg vs Wrath (10/20/97 Nitro)
Record: 9-0
Televised Record: 4-0

Wrath with James Mitchell and Kanyon have such a cool entrance with the lights out, masks and lasers. Tenay brings up that Chuck Smith (of the Falcons) was more excited watching Goldberg’s debut than winning the NFC Defensive Player of the Week. Another neat little attempt to help the Goldberg push. While Wrath is standing there in his jacket and crazy helmet he gets the first proper spear and then a Jackhammer and it’s over. Kanyon and James Mitchell are shocked. This was a two match squash, but damn was it effective.

As the announcers take turns talking about Goldberg being awesome, Goldberg leaves and utters “Who’s next?” for the first time. The answer to that question seems to be Steve McMichael as he makes his entrance and they have a stare down. There is going to be a battle of the two former NFL players.

The beginning of Goldberg's first feud!
The beginning of Goldberg’s first feud!

Bill Goldberg vs Disco Inferno (10/27/97 Nitro)
Record: 10-0
Televised Record: 5-0

The night before was Halloween Havoc where Goldberg ran out during the Alex Wright & Steve McMichael match. During the match Debra distracts the referee as Goldberg gives McMichael the Jackhammer and Wright wins. Goldberg walks off with McMichael’s Superbowl ring.

Disco is the WCW Television Champion and is defending his title here. Goldberg is now getting cheers on his way to the ring. During the entrance Alex Wright runs down and attacks Goldberg, but he gets Jackhammered to death. Spear and then Jackhammer and Disco is out! The match never started though. McMichael then runs down and he is taken down by the spear/tackle and security comes and tears them apart. A really fun pull part here.

Final Thoughts: 

The music is here! The Jackhammer is named! The spear has arrived! “Who’s next?” is finally uttered! Now he has a feud started with Steve McMichael. What a great month for him. Goldberg is quickly becoming the Goldberg that we know and love.