Who’s NeXT? #12

On the twelfth episode of “Who’s NeXT?”, Andy Atherton & Logan Crosland  look at the last month and a half of NXT television by covering the episodes that aired from 11/7 – 12/17  as well as NXT Deadl1ne from 12/9. Among the topics the guys discuss are: the Alpha Academy’s brief feud with the Meta-Four; expanding the Heritage Cup rules format; the Iron Survivor qualifying matches; Dijak & Eddy Thorpe’s heated rivalry; Chase U.’s financial issues; the growth of OTM; Wes Lee’s return and subsequent injury; the new partnership between Kiana James & Izzy Dame; the fresh faces coming up in the women’s division; Lexis King becoming the master of manipulation; Tatum Paxley’s odd behavior; CM Punk’s appearance at Deadl1ne; the incredible Iron Survivor Challenge matches won by Blair Davenport & Trick Williams; the end of Dominick Mysterio’s NXT tenure; the impending singles run of Josh Briggs; the start of the Men’s Breakout Tournament; Ilja Dragunov’s hard fought title defenses and a few predictions for 2024.

In addition, they give they thoughts on whose stock is up and whose is down, any potential callups to Raw or Smackdown and any anticipated superstars returning to the brand.

Tune in each and every month as Logan & Andy look to see Who’s NeXT?!