Who’s NeXT? #11

On the eleventh episode of “Who’s NeXT?”, Andy Atherton & Logan Crosland  look at the last month and a half of NXT television by covering the episodes that aired from 9/26 – 10/31  as well as NXT No Mercy from 9/30. Among the topics the guys discuss are: the wrestlers released on 9/23; the finals of the Global Heritage Invitational; OTM getting some more character building; Jacy Jayne’s continuing to “mentor” Thea Hail; Trick Williams capturing and then promptly losing the NXT North American Title; Ilja Dragunov finally ascending to the top of the mountain as the new NXT Champion; Becky Lynch’s continuing elevation of the brand’s women’s division; the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, won by Lola Vice; the star-studded show on 10/10 that went head-to-head with AEW Dynamite; Chase U.’s somewhat surprising tag-team title win; the debut of Lexis King; Lyra Valkryria becoming the new NXT Women’s Champion; & the slow burn to the ultimate split of Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes.

In addition, they give they thoughts on whose stock is up and whose is down, any potential callups to Raw or Smackdown and any anticipated superstars returning to the brand.

Tune in each and every month as Logan & Andy look to see Who’s NeXT?!