Who Gives A Flick – FlickOween Halloween Special: Part 2 – The Top 13


Part 2 of the FlickOween Halloween Special has finally arrived!  You can finally know the Top 13 flicks to watch this flickin Halloween!  Want to scare the flick out of your friends?  Want to lure that lovely lady over and scare her over to your side of the couch?  Flick no more, the Flick Man is here!  Last week the countdown featured flicks number 26-14, but today, here and now, are the top 13 luckiest films to watch leading up to the greatest holiday of them all.

13 better things to watch instead of Monday Night Raw, or the ever popular Smackdown, or any wrestling that doesn’t involve Sasha Banks or Kevin Owens.  But not NXT, you should always watch that.  Or you could always watch some old school Halloween Havoc PPV’s. Start it off with a little Doom vs. The Steiner’s from the original 1989 show, and then jump right into the stellar 1993 show for some serious nostalgia. Who doesn’t want to see Lord Steven Regal and the British Bulldog wrestle to a time limit draw SPOILER ALERT, or Rick Rude and Ric Flair followed up by the big bad main event, Big Van Vader defeating Cactus Jack. If that doesn’t shout Halloween! well then, you’re probably just not doing it right.

But really, what makes a great Halloween film?  Any old horror movie just won’t do, it needs to have a feeling, an aura of the bloodcurdling, spine-tingling, and macabre.  Costumes and pumpkins, forests and fall, murderous slashers and haunted houses.  All killers and ghostly hauntings don’t apply, Freddy Kruger doesn’t shout Halloween, and even though Ghostface wears a costume, Scream doesn’t shout Halloween for me. But that’s the flick man, maybe these types of films mean something different for you. You might have seen Scream originally around Halloween, so it always relates that way for you. It’s all perspective, but it just so happens that mine is superior to yours. Or is it? Just remember, the flickster doesn’t flinch in haunted houses, and walks through corn mazes with his eyes closed! Do you smell what the flick is cooking! Now that’s scary.

So let’s get that head in the tub and bob for apples (no one has done this for at least 30 years), cut through the paths and push over kids to crush that corn maze, because this is Halloween!  Brush away the Goosebumps, and get over your fear of the dark, it’s time for some Flickoween Halloween style good times.  Grab that pumpkin beer and get ready for a fright, it’s time for the top 13 flicks to watch on Halloween!

And just remember this one thought.  Halloween isn’t a night we pretend to be something we are not, Halloween is the one night of the year, we truly get to be ourselves.  I can sense your head exploding.

Who Gives A Flick, now presents, the Top 13 films to watch this Halloween!



Dawn of the Dead (2004)


We need a zombie movie, with Ty Burrell before Modern Family, and zombie babies!!  Not all of these films will directly deal or be set on Halloween, there just isn’t enough good films like that available, so says the Flicker. But, some of them are just gory goodness, those films that constantly pop into your mind when you ask yourself, “Hey! It’s October and I need to watch a horror movie!”.  Dawn of the Dead, is one of those few films that always comes to mind. This film inspired the zombie age we currently live in, and while The Walking Dead took the ball and ran, Dawn of the Dead made zombies friggin awesome. No other way to put it, but watching zombies sprinting at full speed, with nearly super strength, is the pinnacle of zombie films. Zack Snyder made a massive impact on the genre with this film, and changed zombies forever. For me, this film stands above all the rest, even the George A. Romero films.

Number 13

Child’s Play (1988)


This film just exudes Halloween, even if it isn’t about or set on Halloween. Plenty of full moons, and great moments of terror and creepiness.  We all stare at our toys, or our kids dolls, and at least for me, the back of my mind lets my imagination run wild.  Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Chucky come to life on the big screen, or maybe it’s just that dolls are creepy as hell (except Annabelle).  It definitely is a different experience watching this as an adult with kids, and brings out an extra layer of terror it didn’t have watching it as a kid.  This is a pure classic, always the best of the series, and a nearly perfect horror film.

Number 12

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)


This film, is genuine brilliance hidden beneath hilarity and gore. Most people pass by Tucker & Dale, and don’t even think twice about it, but it’s time to change that. If you want a horror film, that will gross you out, make you laugh, and surprise you with an unique and special flick, watch this immediately. What this flick does that makes it so special, is turn the tables on the West Virginia redneck. It is told from the perspective of the rednecks, and shows them as the victims when the college kids arrive and start dying. It’s Wrong Turn, but in reverse, and makes the redneck cannibals, into lovable characters who just want to talk and play board games. It’s got brutal deaths, delightful moments, fantastic dialogue, and is just so exceptional you have to watch this. I won’t say anymore, because if you haven’t seen this and you’re reading this, you’re probably intrigued, so take the flicker’s advice and go watch it!

Number 11

Army of Darkness (1992)


This is one of my top 10 favorite movies of ALL time, and I may have seen this flick 100 times.  The Evil Dead trilogy is my all time favorite horror series, and this is one of the most enjoyable, and quote worthy films ever made.  Ash and his chainsaw take on all types of witches and monsters, included his own “Bad Ash” against his own, “Goodie little two shoes”.  This is more fun and laughter then horror, but it has plenty of gross out moments.  With an enjoyable level of 13 out of 10, this is the one flick to show at your Halloween party.

Number 10

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)


One the best Disney movies ever made, spans the entire year covering nearly every holiday, but mainly Christmas and Halloween. I’m sure all of you have dressed up as or were with someone dressed as Jack Skellington or Sally at some point. This flick is magic in a clamshell case, with the unforgettable music by Danny Elfman, that you whistle or hum at least twice a day for the month of October. This flick is just amazing, showcasing what happens when the mean creatures of Halloween Town discover the magic of Christmas Town. Even to this day, the animation or claymation are still jaw dropping. For kids, adults, dogs and cats, this movie is one of the best for any holiday.  This is Halloween!  This is Halloween!  Halloween! Halloween!

Number 9

The Blair Witch Project (1999)


If Paranormal Activity is The Godfather, then The Blair Witch Project is the Citizen Kane of found footage films. You’re damn right flicksters, I just compared Blair Witch to Citizen Kane. The first time I saw Blair Witch, I loved it so much I literally broke up with the hot girl I was dating because I wanted to watch, and not make out. And (!) I was a horny high school kid, so I REALLY loved this movie. I then drove a half hour out of the way going home, so I didn’t have to drive through the woods. I think it took a few years before I went camping or deep into the woods after that.

This is a special movie, and really changed the entire history of horror movies, shaping the genre into what it is today. Meaning, make horror movies as cheap as possible, and make a flickton of money! God bless Halloween, and whatever friends you have who love to stand in the dark corners of rooms!  And if you ever see sticks made into fun designs and figures, or find teeth in your flannel shirt, RUN!

Number 8

The Frighteners (1996)


There are a ton of Michael J. Fox movies out there, but none of them are written and directed by Peter Jackson, except for The Frighteners. Peter Jackson has a few movies that deserve to make this list, like Dead Alive or Bad Taste, but this one is just such a quality movie, creepy and funny and just downright entertaining, like all things Michael J. Fox. I can say this was one of the few movies, that I couldn’t watch anymore because I wore out the VHS tape. And as you can see in the picture above, all things horror are legit with Jeffrey Combs playing one of the antagonists. Michael J Fox hangs out with ghosts, and then goes to war with the Grim Reaper. If you’re not sold, you should be.

Number 7

Halloween H2O (1998)


It’s a conspiracy!  Somehow Joseph Gordon Levitt has found a way to show up on every list I make, the curse of JGL. It’s well deserved, he is super talented and one hell of a charismatic actor. In Halloween H2O, he was still very new in his career, mostly known at the time for his role on 3rd Rock from the Sun. But this isn’t about JGL, it’s about Halloween and Michael Myers, who shows JGL who’s boss. This new take on the Halloween franchise is one hell of a great film, entertaining, and filled with soon to be superstars, and a certain rapper making a big transition into the acting world. I was at a prime teenage age when this came out, and connected with it instantly. It’s creative, inventive, and gives Jaime Lee Curtis a new avenue to take on her old friend once again. The 7th entry in the greatest horror slasher series known to man, and does something wonderful, it pretends like none of the 3 previous films exist, as we all wish we could do (Except 6, which was a good standalone film in the franchise). This is a direct sequel to Halloween and Halloween 2, and puts the franchise back on track (which doesn’t ensure it will stay that way!) If you’re looking for a good horror film, with great iconic characters, look no further. It has great unforgettable moments, tons of popular actors, and of course, a murderous man in a white William Shatner mask.

Number 6

Evil Dead 2 (1987)


Sam Raimi is the man of genius, and is to this day one of the greatest and most iconic of all the horror directors.  And it’s because of one trilogy, the Evil Dead Trilogy.  After the first Evil Dead focused more on the gore and horror, Raimi was able to inject his super odd sense of humor into the sequel.  This is cult brilliance to the utmost degree, and if you are reading this and haven’t seen this movie, you are not a fan of horror, or movies in general. Do some drugs or chug a ton of alcohol, and turn this one on, because you have one awesome night ahead of you. By the time this is over, you will be begging to cut your hand off, and attach a chainsaw in its place, after a little giggly dance with the dead of course.

Number 5

Ernest Scared Stupid (1991)


Not every Halloween movie needs to be filled with blood and guts and murderous slashers on the loose. Sometimes, a simple man with a dog and a few children is all the world needs to save itself from soul stealing Trolls. Doctor Loomis certainly wouldn’t figure out all that was needed to stop them, was good old fashion milk! Ernest Scared Stupid is pure delightful goodness, and is one of the few flicks required to be watched every single Halloween. Still to this day, it still holds up and brings me the same joy I experienced while watching it as a kid. It has just enough darkness to mix with the innocence and spectacle of Halloween, and will always be the greatest of all the Ernest flicks.

Number 4

The Monster Squad (1987)


The Monster Squad, is one of the greatest flicks ever made. For me, this was one of the most watched flicks in my life, and one I watched so much, I couldn’t even guess how many times I’ve seen it. Whether its sitting on the roof watching a drive-in movie with your dad, having a piece of pie with the scary German guy, kicking Wolfman in the nards, shoving Wolfman out the window with a piece of dynamic in his pants, or teaching Frankenstein how to have a heart and say “Bogus”, this movie has endless memorable moments. It’s now on Netflix, and I’ve watched it twice already since it was added. It will make you miss the great 80’s montage, remember how much you love all the classic horror monsters, and how easy it is to kill the Creature from the Black Lagoon. All you need is a fat kid named Horace, and a shotgun. And kids, never lie about being a virgin, it could be the difference in saving the world!

Number 3

Trick R’ Treat (2007)


One of the more recent flicks to find itself at the top of my list, but certainly one of the brightest gems in the bunch. It was very unknown for quite some time, and one film I introduced to many people. I’ve met Michael Dougherty many times, and he is one of my favorite writers currently out there. This flick ingeniously weaves several different tales of Halloween, and introduces one of the creepiest killers to come about in the last 10-15 years in Sam. This flick is filled with shocking twists, an incredible cast, and some horrific moments that will give you a few difficult nights home alone. It creates a vision of Halloween night, that I wish was how it was in real life, and gives it such an important existence in the world. This flick truly creates the beauty of Halloween, and mixes the evil and horror all into one incredible film.

Number 2

Halloween (1978)


My number 2 choice easily should be number 1, but there is one film that has more personal value on Halloween. Halloween, is the definitive Halloween flick, since it is literally called, Halloween. I wonder how many times I could work Halloween into one sentence. For me, without John Carpenter’s Halloween, I feel like the holiday of Halloween wouldn’t even exist. Michael Myers is the definite horror icon, standing at the top of the mountain over Jason, Freddy, Chucky, and anyone else you want to throw in there. He is as important to our culture as Dracula, Frankenstein, or the rest of the Monster Squad. This flick took the first person viewpoint, and used it to change filmmaking, and the horror genre forever. The music, the tone, the story, are all as popular as anything else in pop culture, and around Halloween time, nearly 1 in 3 people have the Halloween theme as their ringtone.

Halloween is arguable the greatest achievement in horror genre history, and is one of the most influential flicks to appear in the world of horror. It has spawned countless sequels (A few on this list!) and one set of horrible remakes thanks to Rob “I really tried” Zombie. Just turn on the TV anytime in the month of October, and you can find a Halloween film at any time of day.

Number 1

Evil Dead (1981)


The pinnacle of horror movies, the creepiest, most enjoyable, best way to scare the living hell out of your friends, is with Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. Anyone who has seen this film, and hears the words “Join Us” whispered or spoken out loud, will quiver in fear. I have shown this film to many groups of friends, and each viewing has the same result. No one moves, the ladies need someone to walk them to their car, and everyone pretends they haven’t been scared shitless. When I saw this film as a kid, I didn’t read a book for months afterwards. I wouldn’t even consider going into the woods, and it ended my undefeated streak in manhunt because I was afraid to go outside in the dark. I showed this to a group of friends before going camping years back, and needless to say, the trip got cancelled. I have a few friends who still haven’t forgiven me for ruining their innocence, and making them walk a little faster to their cars at night.

Even the level of silliness doesn’t prevent this from scarring you for life, or scaring you worse than any other film like it did for me. Watching it now as an adult, and after seeing it every year for over 10 years, still doesn’t make it any easier. Bruce Campbell is one of the most underused actors in Hollywood, and his chin is more charismatic than half the actors in Hollywood today. This flick launched the career of the great Sam Raimi, who genius is rarely paralleled. If you want to scare your friends, look no further, the number one film for Halloween, every single year, is Evil Dead.

I hope you enjoy this Halloween edition of Who Gives A Flick!

Have a Great and Scary Halloween!