Where the Big Boys Play #91: Clash of the Champions 23

Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions 23.

Wrestling Observer roundup [0:01:15]: Booking Dory Funk Jr like The Undertaker in 1988, mid-year picks for best wrestler in the world, random boxing talk, JYD subs for 2 Cold Scorpio.

Clash of the Champions 23 Review [1:12:31]: Paula Orndork, Tom Zenk is still employed!, Meltzer consigns Regal to the 1950s, and debate over the main event.

End of Show Awards [1:56:33]

4 thoughts on “Where the Big Boys Play #91: Clash of the Champions 23

  1. Tony Gilliam (I think hard “G”, silent “I” on the pronunciation) was a ring announcer for a while. I think he replaced Rhubarb Jones doing the the shows Capetta did not do. I also remember seeing him on the WCW Magazine segments which aired on Power Hour and maybe Worldwide.

  2. Great to see an new ep up. Chad and Parv are a great team, I am sick of pods where the hosts have long rant about bullshit, and have mock arguments with each other at times. With WTBBP, it’s straight wrestling talk. Thanks guys.

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