Where the Big Boys Play #87: Clash of the Champions 22


Chad and Parv open the show by discussing some new PTBN features and the Last Battle of Atlanta before heading into WCW land in 1993 and Clash of the Champions 22:

– Wrestling Observer round up [0:21:01]: Arn Anderson / Erik Watts street fight angle, Watts / Mark Madden beef, Rick Rude on Kathie Lee Gifford, and Flair’s return.

– Review of Clash of the Champion 22 [0:45:37]: Jesse’s amazing suit, let’s count the Thundercage drop outs, 2 Cold Scorpio takes local kids to school via the art of “stepping” in video package, Tony Atlas vs. Vinnie Vegas left-handed arm-wrestling contest, The Harley Race show, and farewell to Jim Ross and Bill Watts.

– End of Show Awards [1:53:05]

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