Where the Big Boys Play #64: Clash of the Champions 15 – Knocksville USA


Episodes of WTBBP are a bit like buses, you wait ages for one to come along and then inevitably two come at once. Chad and Parv continue to plunge through the depths of 1991 WCW with a review of Clash of the Champions 15: Knocksville USA. Packed show this week.

[5:37] Wrestling Observer and PW Torch roundup: Chad hypes the PTBN TV character tournament, Superbrawl buyrates, Terry Funk in Quantum Leap, Meltzer’s break down of booking philosophies from different promoters of the 70s and from 1991, and Chad and Parv discuss the significance of finishes.

[1:00:06] Review of Clash of the Champions 15: Greatest wrestling mysteries 101: what the hell is Cappetta doing on the phone?, PN News has the temerity to rap in front of Salt n Peppa, fantasy booking an El Gigante Midnight Rider angle, more Oz, The Diamond Studd, the winner of the Sting look-a-like contest, and The Bruise Cruise,

[2:27:08] End of show awards

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