Where the Big Boys Play #61: WrestleWar 1991



The dream has been realized! Parv and Chad are back reviewing WrestleWar 1991. Be sure to check out the official Where the Big Boys Play page here at Place to Be Nation.

In this episode:

[14:30] Wrestling Observer and PW Torch roundup: Flair gets scalded by coffee in McDonalds, farewell to Sandy Scott, the amazing Terry Owens Football Card, and Big Josh’s debut.

[1:02:20] Wrestlewar 1991 review: Can JYD’s waistline get any bigger?, our first look at Dustin Rhodes, Dusty’s gonna b-b-b-bite ya, Stan Hansen tells Missy Hyatt to get her “big butt” out of the locker-room, Sexy Lexy puts in a great performance, and WARGAMES!

[2:13:30] End of show awards and Question for the Listeners: Did Oliver Humperdink / Big Daddy Dink ever do anything worthwhile or memorable in his career?