Where the Big Boys Play #55 – Halloween Havoc 1990


Chad and Parv welcome back Solomon to watch Halloween Havoc 1990

– [02:59] Observer and Torch roundup, including: Family Feud, Jim Cornette’s backstage heat, Jim Ross talks Mid-South on Torch Talk, Keller’s “Booker for One Year” idea, the move to Central Stage and much more.

– [56:36] Halloween Havoc 90 review, including Tony Schiavone as the Phantom of the Opera, a sad farewell to the Midnight Express, Black Scorpion magic tricks and should heels win clean? Question(s) for the listeners *Sting special*: has any wrestler been “faked” more than Sting? Has any wrestler been tricked more than Sting? Can you think of a single match where Sting has carried someone?

– [2:39:18] End of the show awards and last show’s responses to ‘Question for the Listeners’.