Where the Big Boys Play #48: AWA Special


We had some problems recording this show hence there are three parts and four different guests.  However, I do think there is a lot of great discussion contained between these four hours on a promotion that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

WTBBP: #48a

– Process of making the set and how the matches were chosen [12:49]
– Pre-conceptions of the AWA [20:17]
– Quirks of the AWA [33:24]
– Discussion of workers: Big John Studd [41:37], Rick Martel [46:23], Crusher Blackwell [01:01:01]
– Rankings, DVDR being down and Chad’s plans to make a book of Matt D’s match reviews [01:08:05]


WTBBP: #48b

– Discussion of workers continued: Larry Zybysko [2:46], Sgt. Slaughter [12:15], Jerry Lawler [19:55], Curt Hennig [31:10], Buddy Rose and Doug Somers [44:14], Hulk Hogan [1:00:22], Wahoo McDaniel [1:22:41]
– Rose & Somers vs. Midnight Rockers Christmas Cage match / Matt D vs. goodhelmet discussion [51:12]
– Should Hogan have been made champ or was he always going to New York? Did he even need the title? [1:07:34]
– Worst workers [1:13:25]
– 150 picks [1:27:41]


WTBBP: #48c

– “Revelations”: Col. DeBeers [Pro: 3:18, Anti: 10:44], Jim Brunzell [16:40], Stan Hansen (“in the USA”) [17:57], Boris Zhukov [25:28]
– Worst matches [30:21]
– Two camps or “factions” in the watchers of the set: the fetishism of violence vs. the worship of structure [37:38]
– The complete and total awesomeness of Nick Bockwinkel [51:37]
– Final thoughts [1:07:05]