Where the Big Boys Play #30: Starrcade 88 Part 1

starrcade88In this special episode, Chad and Parv welcome Scott and Justin for a joint show between Where the Big Boys Play and The Place to Be Podcast to review Starrcade 88. Topics include: Scott and Justin’s backgrounds as wrestling fans and how they started the podcast, how open are you in your wrestling fandom?, some general talk about AWA, Lyle Alzado update, final thoughts on Nikita Koloff, some talk about the ring announcers Tom Miller, Gary Michael Cappetta and Michael Buffer, NWA finishes vs. WWF finishes (again!), which is the best version of the Midnight Express?, Mike Rotunda’s TV title reign, some talk about our various screen names and AOL instant messenger in the 90s, thoughts on Bam Bam Bigelow, and Justin hypes the P2B’s upcoming interview with JJ Dillon.