What to Watch: 6/21 – 6/23

It’s the weekend! Here is the Place to Be Nation guide for what you should be watching! 

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Mississippi State vs Oregon State

College World Series – Saturday, ESPN, 3:00 PM

Ah the two weeks out of the year where everyone seemingly cares about college baseball.  Even worse than March Madness is all the perceived college baseball experts that come out of the woodwork for this event.  This game will feature an elimination so be prepared for a bunch of 20 year old men crying in the dugout and regretting the keg stand they did the night before.


ROH Best in the World – Saturday, IPPV (rohwrestling.com), 5:00 PM

Nobody fights like family so grab your brother, dad, or wife (yeah right) and watch some ROH action.  Or you can just take a shot every time the internet feed goes out and see how quickly you get drunk.


Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 – Saturday , NBC, 8:00 PM

This has been one of the grittiest Stanley Cup Finals in recent memories with great defensive battles and shootouts.  Be prepared for overtime with these two teams.


Adrien Broner vs. Paulie Malignaggi – Saturday, Showtime, 9:00 PM

If trash talking is an indicator, this has been the fight of the year so far.  Both fighters seemingly have Chael Sonnen as their personal interview consultant.  More than likely this is just a blip on Broner’s radar heading into a collision course with Floyd Mayweather.  Paulie is the champion though and fighting on home turf.  Malignaggi doesn’t have any knockout power, but I do see him frustrating Broner in the early going and this being one of Broner’s more competitive fights.


The Dark Knight Rises – Sunday, HBO, 2:45 PM

After you have had a big Sunday lunch, plump down on the couch and see if you can understand what Bane is saying any better when you are falling asleep constantly.  The explosions should wake you up.


Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Sunday, ESPN, 8:00 PM

These two teams are facing off for the first time since their memorable World Series two years ago.  Some of the players have changed, but both are still premiere teams in their respective leagues giving this interleague match up some extra sizzle.


Veep – Sunday, HBO, 10:00 PM

Veep has been able to keep the fast paced jokes in tact from season one while also adding emotional layers.  The result has been a superior season two over the very funny season one.  The season finale should provide some table setting moments for what season three will contain, and I’m sure Jonah will be abused relentlessly.


Mad Men – Sunday, AMC, 10:00 PM

After a rocky (for Mad Men) start to the season, Mad Men has steadied the ship the past few episodes and told some absolutely compelling stories.  There is no clear path in where they are heading for the season finale, but I do see a huge event occurring more aligned with the season three finale instead of the mostly introspective finale we saw last season.