Vintage Vault Pre-Viewing: Saturday Night’s Main Event 25

Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior vs. Mr. Perfect and the Genius

As we come out of the Royal Rumble and begin the march to Wrestlemania VI, all eyes were going to be on what the main event was going to be for that show in the SkyDome. After what happened in the Rumble match between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior, it seemed fairly obvious that something was going to happen involving those two though nothing has yet been announced. At the same time, they seemed to want Mr. Perfect involved as he was coming off destroying the WWF Title at the previous Saturday Night’s Main Event and had made it to the final two in the Rumble before being eliminated by Hogan. However, when it was announced that Hogan and Warrior would be teaming up to face Perfect and Genius here, it was pretty clear that they were going to focus on Hogan and Warrior which meant that Perfect was going to be pushed down a bit which was a bit of a disappointment. There was still a slight possibility that Perfect might somehow be involved in the title picture if he and Genius do win this match which was an outside chance, but by this point it seemed obvious that the focus of the match was going to be on whether Hogan and Warrior could co-exist as opposed to Perfect getting a win over one of the two champions.

Since this show took place a mere 6 days after the Royal Rumble, there wasn’t much build to the match other that it was announced on TV the day of this show and as mentioned, much of the focus was going to be on whether Hogan and Warrior could trust each other. It was also pretty interesting this match was happening as it was just announced that Hogan would defend the WWF Title at the Main Event against Randy Savage, so it was unique to see Hogan involved in multiple things especially going into Wrestlemania.

Perfect and Genius give a good promo before the match as they look to prove they can overcome Hogan and Warrior’s egos, and then Hogan and Warrior give a good promo as they look to show they can work together. Perfect and Genius had solid heat as heels while Hogan and Warrior get a big pop from the crowd. Hogan starts off the match with Perfect and they lock up with Hogan shoving Perfect into the corner, and Perfect stalls on the apron before returning to the ring and they lock up again with Hogan hitting a hiptoss. He hits a slam on Perfect as Genius gets in the ring and Hogan hits a slam on him before hitting another pair of slams on both men, and Perfect and Genius roll outside to regroup as Warrior tags in and he goes outside before ramming their heads together. He rams them into the apron and throws Genius back into the ring before knocking him down, and Perfect gets on the apron and Warrior slingshots him back into the ring before whipping him into Genius who gets sent to the outside. Warrior clotheslines Perfect over the top to the floor and Hogan tags in as Perfect and Genius regroup on the floor, and Perfect returns to the ring and locks up with Hogan as he backs him into the corner and pounds on him. Hogan reverses a whip into the other corner and hits a back elbow that sends Perfect over the top to the floor, and Hogan goes outside and whips Perfect into the post before returning to the ring as Genius grabs his scroll and a marker. Hogan pulls Perfect back into the ring and rams him into the buckle before hitting a clothesline and he rams him into the buckle again, and he pounds on Perfect and hits a slam before dropping a pair of elbows on him and he pounds on him on the mat. Hogan hits the big boot which sends Perfect over the top to the floor and Genius hands him the scroll as Hogan goes outside, and Perfect nails Hogan in the head with the scroll and then he grabs a chair only for Hogan to avoid it as Perfect hits the post. Both men roll back into the ring and Perfect stomps on him before raking his boot across his face and he pounds on him, but Hogan counters a slam with a small package for a two count and Perfect stomps on him. He pounds on Hogan and knocks him down before hitting a neck snap and Genius tags in, and he kicks at Hogan and chokes him on the ropes before snapping him to the mat and he stomps on him. Perfect tags in and goes up to the middle rope as he hits an axehandle on Hogan and he pounds on him, and he stomps on Hogan and hits the Perfect-Plex only to prevent the ref from counting the pin. Genius tags in and goes up top only for Hogan to get his knees up on a moonsault and Perfect goes up top as well, but Hogan catches him with a boot to the face and he kicks Genius away as Warrior gets the hot tag. He fires up on Genius and rams him into the buckles before getting a shot in on Perfect and he pounds on Genius in the corner, and he hits a running kneelift on Perfect that sends him over the top to the floor and he hits a clothesline on Genius. He hits the Gorilla Press Slam on Genius and Hogan makes a blind tag as Warrior sends Perfect to the outside, and Hogan hits the legdrop on Genius which gets the three and he wins the match for his team. After the match, Perfect gets back in the ring and knees Hogan in the back which sends him to the outside, and Warrior fires up on both Perfect and Genius as Hogan gets back in the ring and grabs at Warrior who hits a clothesline on him by mistake. Perfect and Genius head to the back as Warrior helps Hogan to his feet only for Hogan to shove him away, and Warriors shoves Hogan in return and they get in each other’s face before exchanging shoves again.

The match itself was pretty good as both teams worked hard and put on a solid tag match though it did seem a bit like a pseudo-squash. Even though Perfect was pretty hot as one of the top heels at the time, it was fairly obvious that Hogan and Warrior were going to win because they were just too dominant a unit that they could lose. The other thing was that they kept things together during the match and didn’t fall apart until after the match ended, so it seemed like this was put together to get the Hogan/Perfect feud over while continuing to ramp up Hogan and Warrior. The commentary was great as usual with Jesse constantly saying that Hogan and Warrior couldn’t co-exist because of their egos, and after Warrior clotheslines Hogan he says that he was proven right as Vince tries to declare it was an accident. It does suck for Perfect because he seemed to be on the fast track to a potential main event run, but it was pretty clear after this point that Hogan and Warrior was the money match for Wrestlemania. The crowd was red hot for the match and popped for Hogan and Warrior when they won though they are left stunned when Hogan and Warrior come to blows. Hogan and Warrior get the win over Perfect and Genius as both teams move on.

Final Grade: **1/2

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