Vintage Vault “Pre-Viewing of Punk”: One Night Stand 2007

CM Punk, the Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer vs. the New Breed in a Tables match

As we come out of Judgment Day and into One Night Stand, the fact that there was only two weeks between the two shows meant that the feuds had to be built very quickly or just continue out of Judgment Day. In terms of Punk, he would continue his feud with the New Breed even after defeating Burke at Judgment Day as he would now ally with the remaining ECW Originals as Sabu was now gone and Rob Van Dam was on his way out which left Dreamer and Sandman. The New Breed was also in a state of flux as Kevin Thorn was out and it seemed like Matt Striker was in the doghouse with Burke and Marcus Cor Von, so it was going to be interesting to see how much longer this feud continues and if the New Breed would be broken up not long after that. Also, it was going to be interesting to see where Punk would go after this feud considering the Draft was coming up and there could be a chance he would be drafted to one of the other brands.

On the 5/22 ECW, Punk and RVD defeated the New Breed by DQ and Cor Von would give both men the Pounce, and on the 5/29 ECW this match was announced as Burke would defeat Punk in an Extreme Rules match thanks to Cor Von. The build was quick and simple though it was pretty stunning to see Burke defeat Punk though it was thanks to Cor Von, and you almost wonder if Cor Von was starting to be seen as the star of the group even ahead of Burke.

Punk, Dreamer, and Sandman get a good pop from the crowd while the New Breed still had solid heat as heels. Dreamer starts off the match with Cor Von and they lock up with Cor Von going behind Dreamer who turns it around, and Cor Von gets a back elbow in and knocks him down only to miss an elbow and Dreamer takes him to the mat with a headlock. Cor Von escapes with a headscissors and Dreamer quickly escapes as both men duck a shot and they have a standoff, and Striker distracts Dreamer as Cor Von gets a shot in and pounds on Dreamer before getting a kick in and he hits a double underhook suplex. He stomps on Dreamer and tags Burke who pounds on Dreamer in the corner as he hits a snapmare and drops a knee on him, and he whips Dreamer into the corner only to miss a charge and Dreamer hits a running bulldog on Burke. Sandman tags in and hits a flapjack on Burke who gets a knee in and tags Striker only for Sandman to hit a hiptoss, and Punk tags in and he rams the knee into Striker repeatedly  before whipping him into the corner and he hits a running knee. He hits a stiff running bulldog on Striker and tags Dreamer who goes up to the middle rope and they hit a double team on him, and Punk and Dreamer shove each other and call for tables as Dreamer goes outside and looks for a table only for Cor Von to nail him. He stomps on Dreamer until Punk hits a suicide dive onto Cor Von on the floor as he appears to have hurt his shoulder, and Sandman brings the Singapore cane into the ring as Burke pounds on him only for Sandman to jab the cane into his ribs. Punk gets on the apron and hits a springboard clothesline on Burke as Sandman stalks Striker with the cane and Striker begs off, and he chases Striker out of the ring and hits him in the back with the cane as Dreamer gets a shot in and they help Punk set up a table. Dreamer and Sandman set Striker up for a double suplex only for Burke and Cor Von to pull the table away as they hit the double suplex on the floor, and Burke stomps on Dreamer and Sandman as Cor Von pounds on Punk and throws him back into the ring while Burke pulls out another table. Cor Von and Burke get in the ring and Burke pounds on him in the corner before whipping him into Cor Von who hoists him up and hits a front slam, and Burke hits a slingshot elbow on Punk and Cor Von stomps on him as Striker hits a clothesline on Sandman and slides the table into the ring. He rolls into the ring and sets the table up in the corner as Punk tries to battle back only for the New Breed to pound on him, and Cor Von and Burke hoist Punk onto their shoulders as Sandman trips Striker up and Dreamer pulls Punk off of their shoulders. Dreamer and Punk hit a pair of clotheslines on Cor Von and Burke as Sandman throws Striker into the ring, and he pounds on Striker as Dreamer pounds on Cor Von and sends him to the outside as Sandman puts Striker on the top rope before going up himself. He pounds on Striker who shoves him off the top into the barricade and he comes down before catching Dreamer with a back elbow, but Dreamer catches him in a sitdown spinebuster as Burke gets in the ring and hits the Elijah Experience on Dreamer. Punk hits an enzurgiri on Burke as Cor Von gets in the ring and hoists Punk up as he hits a powerbomb on him, and he sets the table up and stomps on Punk before putting him on the table and he goes up top. Sandman gets on the apron and hits Cor Von repeatedly with the cane as he tumbles over the top to the floor, and Striker pulls Sandman down from the apron with Sandman hitting the steps as Striker goes up top. Dreamer kicks at Burke and hits a piledriver as Punk nails Striker and goes up himself, and Dreamer puts Burke on the table as Punk hits a superplex on Striker that puts him and Burke through the table and gives Punk, Dreamer and Sandman the win.

The match itself was solid as both teams worked hard and put on a decent match. It was pretty obvious by this point that this feud was on its last legs and this was a good way to finally put an end to it as it had been going on since February. As mentioned, it was pretty clear that Cor Von was seen as a future guy as he looks best out of the New Breed and is not involved in the finish, and Dreamer and Sandman feel a bit like afterthoughts in this match as it was mostly about Punk. It was a bit weird that they worked the beginning like a basic tag match and not just had the whole thing be a brawl as it would’ve made the match a bit better, and the fact that it went under 8 minutes meant that they didn’t have much time to work with and did what they have to do. The crowd was into the match and popped for Punk, Dreamer and Sandman when they won. Punk, Dreamer, and Sandman get the win over the New Breed and both teams move on.

Final Grade: **1/2